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Friday, March 19, 2010

The WB Tour (Again!) - Chuck Deluxe

Alright I know we've already posted about the WB "Chuck" tour but two of your Hos, Ivy (FiliHOno) and I (Ho on a Leash) took the tour again. Here are some pictures from our second visit:

Zac's Nerd Herder

"Steering" Zac's cart

This was transformed into a restaurant for "Chuck." Hint: I think I'll order the nacho sampler.

Two of our favorite spies came out of these doors in last week's episode. Familiar?

Anyone recognize this from "Tic Tac," perhaps a certain visit from the gas company?

The same house... child support anyone?

Let's be honest... we all want this as our door. (This is the writer's house)

Recognize this lot? Neither did I. Try putting Christmas trees and playing "Silent Night" in the background and you might have a better idea of what was filmed here.
George Lopez's pimped out cart! He needs a Ho to ride with him (yeah I said it)

That's all I have for now. Sorry no pictures of the set, they don't allow it. I did however reenact a "Fountain" scene with Ivy, and yes it was magical. I seriously recommend the tour for any fan and if you have any questions we are happy to help.


  1. Zac's nerd herder is awesome. I want one!

  2. how does one get on said tour....?

  3. Amy - Warner Brothers have a site for the tour and you can just go and buy tickets. We went on a "Chuck" specific tour and usually to that you need at least a few people. You can contact WB Tours for more info:

  4. Dunno if u will see this, but what kind of tour did yall do? I come from Norway and I will have one last chance to check out the Chuck set this July before they finish. It is a great dream of mine!