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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chuck vs. the Living Dead: Thoughts from a Ho

Entering the final stretch of the season, the stakes have been raised.  I skipped reviewing last week’s episode* and it worked out as the episode served as the stage setter for this episode as well as the season finale.  
So what did I think of LeFrankin’s (Rafe Judkins & Lauren LeFranc’s names combined – don’t worry, you’ll catch on) 3rd episode “Chuck versus the Living Dead?” Well I thought it was okay, I did not really love it nor did I think it was anywhere near the realm of the  pre-season finale episode that Colonel was (but really what can compare?), but it definitely threw me for a loop and got my blood pumping towards the end. 
* Few sentence review: Hysterical episode that was more of a set-up episode than anything and failed to do Anna justice.  Seriously that girl is kick-ass and should have been portrayed as such.

This episode was both a step forward and a step back,but it was hampered by other aspects that just didn’t work for me.  Let’s take a look at the steps forward first.

Papa B is back!  Scott Bakula returned as Chuck’s father and I don’t think anyone could play the role more perfectly.  Bakula has the neurotic and paranoid nature down so well while at the same time exuding the father’s love for his family.  It warmed by heart when the family was together and talking about old memories.

Also where the previous episodes have focused on how far Chuck and Sarah have come, this one gives a glimpse of how much change has occurred in other relationships.  Casey telling Chuck he’d watch over Ellie shows just how close these two have become and what they mean to each other.  It seems only a short while ago Casey was willing to kill Chuck and then go out for pancakes, or at least throw him in a bunker and then go out for pancakes.  Now it is Semper Fi all the way.  Morgan’s perspective on Ellie also has shifted.  Before he used to be the creeper who was one step away from building a shrine made out of Ellie’s hair.  Now, rather than continuing being delusional, Morgan supports Ellie’s marriage and acts as a person of support.  In general Morgan’s character has made giant strides (and Josh Gomez has been brilliant) and I could not be happier.

Another plus for me was the fact that it once again affirmed why Chuck decided to download the Intersect 2.0 in the first place.  We learned in Three Words why Chuck did it but as the season went on I felt that the initial noble reasons for becoming a spy were lost or forgotten.  Chuck was meant to be a spy because he is the hero, and it was nice to hear that again.

Jeffster, or should I say Jeff and -ster.  When are they not good?  I probably died a little with Jeff and the vocalizer (Is Jeff the next T-Pain?).  The comedic chemistry that Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay have is just so great and they were cleverly used to not make the whole episode so dramatic.  I think I’d die if Jeffster ever really did break up, maybe even go on hunger strike.  I will say, Jeffster + “Rain” = Jeffster is going places.  JAlso I’d pay good money to see Lester wear that “Rain” outfit with those 6-year-old girl hips.

Also Papa B thinking Sarah has an intersect because she is so badass was awesome.  No Mr. Bartowski, being able to perfectly throw axes is just one of the reasons we love Sarah.

However, one of the problems with the episode was the lack of truth-telling that seemed to be a theme for the episode.  Sure I knew that Ellie still would be being tricked by the Ring* and continue sneaking around so that didn’t bother me. 

Chuck not telling Sarah about Shaw also didn’t bother me as I sort of get why he’d wait to tell her (and it gave me the Sarah/Morgan scene). What irked me was the fact that Chuck continued to lie to Sarah about his condition.  It bothers me because I had hoped by this point Chuck and Sarah would understand the importance of open communication.  They should have learned this from past events such as Mauser, etc. but recently, as in the past episode, they had a big lesson in telling each other things.  Why can they never learn!? 
Truly disappointing was the moment where Sarah gave Chuck her CIA will. Chuck told Sarah that nothing was going to happen to either of them. All I could think in the back on my mind was “Really?” 
I can get past all these aspects but still I’m disappointed as I thought Chuck as a character was better or more mature than this. 
* This has been a boring story line in terms of the characters.  In addition to not enjoying Ellie getting duped, Justin has been a pretty boring villain and Ellie has really done nothing with the storyline.  Yes, it is a means to an end and I am definitely a fan of Ellie finding out the truth.  Hopefully, that will be some good material for Sarah Lancaster. 

The other controversial (and bigger) issue for me was Shaw.  After last week when Shaw being alive became a possibility, I rolled my eyes.  It is hard for me to believe that the CIA would not retrieve Shaw’s body and check it. (Really? Just leaving it in the river for a Frenchman to find?)*.  In the beginning of the episode we see the even the possibility of Shaw being alive cause a stir and results in various situations, the biggest being Casey’s interrogation.  It once again brought to surface the flawed and unsuccessful pairing of Shaw and Sarah.  They were never truly believable as couple to me, they weren’t well portrayed and this scene tried to sell it a little too hard.  Couples massages, really?   The subject of Sarah wearing the earrings is also thorny; I’m in the camp of “Why would she wear the earrings of a guy who tried to kill her and make her relive her worst memory ever?”  And there in lies my biggest issue.  The whole scene carried on as if Shaw had never done these things but instead was just an ex of Sarah’s.  Personally, you replace Shaw with Bryce and the scenario would have worked perfectly, but with Shaw it just didn’t make sense to me.
*My belief is that had Season 3 ended with the “Other Guy” Shaw wouldn’t be back in Season 4 and hence remained dead.  Don’t know if this is true or not.

The end to me was the shocker.  The episode had convinced me that Shaw really wasn’t alive and I could rest easy.  However, the end comes and who do you see uploading an Intersect, Shaw himself. *  I’m torn about this. On one hand, it really doesn’t make sense that he’d be alive and I sort of hate him.  However, I really liked Shaw (and Brandon Routh) as a villain.  I would have been so much happier with him as the villain over the Ring.  Sarah killing Shaw’s wife thus making Shaw seek revenge and go from hero to villain could have been explored more and happened sooner.  This was a missed opportunity; it should have been the focus.  In this scenario you don’t even need Sarah to be dating Shaw, just trust him.  However, that is neither here nor there and I suppose I’ll just have to wait to see how it all goes down.  It’ll be interesting to see how the Intersect affects Shaw, the complete opposite of Chuck

Some final thoughts:

·      Sarah interrogating Morgan was a great scene.  You don’t see these two paired together too often and I love it when they are.  Their dynamic is great, the girlfriend and the best friend and I really wish they “square off” for more comedic scenes in the future.

·      Could Awesome be more awesome?  I’m thinking no as he seems to be the perfect guy.  I’m wondering if he’ll think Ellie is cheating on him in the finale and get depressed.  I say this because of a certain photo that was tweeted so long ago.  I guess we’ll find out.

·      Although he doesn’t have as fancy of tools, Papa B is right up there with Tony Stark with his inventions.  I’m a fan of them teaming up to make an Iron Man Intersect, think about it.

·      Sarah must have special powers, as no one she has been with seems to die the first time around.  Good news for Chuck.

·      What happened to the Orange Orange?  I feel like I never see Sarah in her OO outfit anymore.  Though I have to say Yvonne did look fantastic in that skirt, I’m sure everyone else (especially the boys) agrees.

·      Best Line: “Dad! Knife. Face. What if you were wrong?” “I’m never wrong” – Not only did this scene crack me up but I just love squeamish, freaked out Chuck.  All that was missing was a girlish scream.

So what did you think of the episode?  Were you happy with the setup for the finale or hoping for something else?

Rules of Commenting:
  1.  Be Nice.
  2. No throwing knives at faces.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Iron Chuck: Hos versus Hearts

In this edition of Iron Chuck we have The Hearts, made up of two members of the We Heart Chuck crew Wendy and Jasmin, battling it off with The Ho (or Super Fantastic Hos), Ivy and Jordan. Enjoy!

Listen/vote for it here or download it on iTunes

If you are interest in participating in Iron Chuck yourself send us a message or email us at CsoHos@gmail.com.

1.In Chuck v the Santa Claus: Who was the first hostage to leave the Buy More?
Emmett Milbarge
2.What’s the name of Jeff’s van?
3.Where did Captain Awesome learn how to Tango?
Buenos Aires
4.What nuclear element was hidden in the frame of the painting in Chuck vs the Tango?
5.What mail carrier does Chuck use to send the diamond to NSA/CIA?
6.In Chuck vs the Nacho Sampler, Team Bartowski went to Weap-Con. Where was Weap-Con held?
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
7.What is the name of the assassin Chuck has to pretend to be in “Fake Name”?
Rafe Gruber
8.What is Casey’s real name?
Alex Coburn
9.What was the name of Casey’s one-time fiancĂ©?
Kathleen McHugh
10.What is the name of the episode Lou first appears in?
Chuck versus the Truth

1.In Chuck v. the Beefcake, where did Butterman go when he left the Buy More?
Zihuatanejo – Mexican for Philadelphia
2.In Chuck vs the Sizzling Shrimp, Buy More employees had a sales competition. What were the 4 prizes according to Big Mike?
1 – iPhone
2 – large pizza, 2 toppings
3 – get to keep job
last prize – fired

3.In Chuck vs the Sandworm, Morgan brought the costume to the dry cleaners because it was stained with something. What was the stain in the sandworm costume?
Ranch dressing
4.In Chuck v the Santa Clause, What’s the full name of the guy who took Buy More hostage?
Nathan Edward Rheryson “Ned”
5.When Chuck is trying to convince Sarah to go a real date with him he mentions that she has nothing to lose as in a week she’ll be in a new place. What place does he mention and what does he say she’ll be doing there?
In Jakarta; knife fight with some evildoer
6.What was Jill’s Fulcrum call sign?
7.In Chuck vs the Broken Heart, what is the name of Rashad Ahmad personal physician?
Dr. Muhammed Zami
8.In Chuck vs the Broken Heart, what alias is Ahmad admitted into the hospital under?
Harry Lime

1.What is the name of the reporter in “Santa Claus” that is covering the incident at the Buy More?
Mori Mitsubishi
2.In Chuck v the First Date, what was the verification code for the pick-up of the Cipher?
Morning Glorey
3.Who were the humanitarians that Tyler Martin thanked during this speech at the Buy More?
Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Angelina Jolie
4.In Chuck vs the Intersect, what was the kind of laptop that was connected to the bomb?
Prism Express Laptop
5.What is the name of the electric company the Fulcrum agent comes posing as in “Fat Lady” when going to LaFleur’s apartment?
Tuttle Electric
6.In Chuck vs the Fat Lady, what was the number of Guy LaFleur’s hotel room?
Room 1124

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Silly Nielsen, don't underestimate Chuck fans.

Alright Chuck fans, it's down to the wire with the renewal news and I know we're all itching for ways to help and save our favorite show. We know the Subway thing won't work, the only thing that will work this year is ratings right?

What if I told you I knew a way to maybe cheat the system? Would that be something you'd be interested in?

That's a bad way of putting it but here goes. Friday I went with a friend to see Iron Man 2 (which I thought was awesome, by the way - hated Sam Rockwell, though) and as we were coming out of the theater there was a little set up of about three computers, with a big Nielsen sign over them. There were a couple guys there, trying to get people to come over, that had Nielsen badges and later told us that they worked for the company. Basically what it was, was a website that they took you to and you took a little survey on a show that you watched last night and depending on the amount of points you rack up during the survey, you can get entered to win cool prizes. It's questions about the episode and the commercials between it, super easy stuff if you actually watched the episode (unlike me, who did an episode of Bones just to do it). But that's beside the point.

So I was talking to the guy who was telling me how to do it and I asked if I could do a show that aired on Monday. He said no, only shows that aired the night before and they only work on weekends. So I asked if there was a way to do it from home and he said of course, that they'd send me an email with the website to go on at home and you can keep doing it to keep earning points for prizes, which was really cool.

The coolest part? Apparently doing these surveys counts towards the ratings.

I didn't get clarification on how or when these get counted, obviously they're not included in the fast nationals, but that's still a very cool little point for us Chuck fans who are always looking for ways to raise our ratings.

Here's the plan, then. On Tuesday, it doesn't matter where you are or when you do it (so long as it's TUESDAY) go to www.rewardtv.com (I know that website sounds like a scam but it's not) and create a login, enter your information.

There'll be a little table towards the bottom of the page where you can pick the show you watched the night before. Click on Chuck and then click the button that says "Play Selected Games." It'll take you to the survey, which is just like a quiz based on the episode that you watched and the commercials it showed. It only took me a couple minutes and then I was done and they later sent me an email confirming that I'd done it.

See? Easy!

Like I said, I don't know how or when these numbers get counted, but I figured we Chuck fans know how to rally and inundate websites like no other. Every little bit helps and this is an easy way to get yourself counted, even if you don't have a Nielsen box. We'll tweet about it and spread this news around up until Tuesday, too, but please pass this around and get this news out. We could use all the help we could get!

How about it Chuck fans, ready to rally once more?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hos Around The World (Well, at least the U.S.)

You may or may not have heard about the Chuck Flash Mobs that organized in Seattle, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Chicago last Monday. Well, let me just say that if you weren't there, you were definitely missing out. I can't speak for Seattle and Philadelphia (and San Diego for that matter, though I'm assuming the Martian Ho run mob was a guaranteed success); but Chicago's was...Well, awesome.

I was nervous about the outcome. Originally, around 50 people signed up to be a mobber in Chicago's Millenium Park. But Sunday rolled around (the day before the event), and e-mails started flooding in, apologizing that some couldn't find a babysitter or couldn't get the day off from work. It was sad, and my hope started to diminish.

It was then Monday. I sat alone on a bench in front of the bean. I wanted to shoot myself (but not really). But suddenly, people started coming. In all, probably 16-18 people showed up. I don't know for sure, because I was too excited to take count. I was ecstatic, because I had only met fellow Chuck lovers/Chuck-a-holics in California for Chuckfest. I figured that was the only way to meet and mingle with them. I was so wrong. It's definitely dubbed CHUCKago now. Chicago Chuck fans are amazing. To all you guys that went, I really can't thank you enough. I freakin' love you guys.

So we went around, chatted up some tourists, businessmen, and native Chicagoans, trying to get them familiar with Chuck. It was a fun time. Afterward, we went to Subway and geeked out in our love for Chuck for another couple hours. You won't get to see that in the video below, but all you have to know is that none of us ordered a tuna-roni sub.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chuck v the Role Models

Phil Klemmer had a tough job, write the script to follow the wonderful, satisfying “Honeymooners”. He crafted a solid episode with “Role Models”. It wasn’t my favorite, not by a long shot, but it was fun and had its inspired, clever moments.

Chuck & Sarah - My favorite aspect for two reasons.
· The Real Discussions – In the midst of all the jokes, Chuck and Sarah had a lot of true couple moments where they were honest with each other. After so many episodes in which they didn’t tell each other the truth, it was rewarding to see the couple be so forthright… even if Chuck had to admit his stress reliever is cleaning.
The Bickering – I love Sarah and Chuck arguing. Period. I loved it in “Hard Salami,” “Crown Vic,” Cougars,” “Mask,” and now this episode. Those scenes are always funny to me and Yvonne and Zac play out those scenes and play off one another really well.

Swoosie Kurtz & Fred Willard – Need I say more? These two are fantastic on their own and together they make a super pair. WWTD indeed. Although they don’t knock off Roan as my favorite older spy, the scene with the Turners wrestling on the floor brings them mighty close.
Sarah – I could just leave at that and no one would question me but I did put her down for a specific reason. This episode highlighted Sarah’s competitive nature. She clearly did not get the big deal about the Turners . Frankly, why would she? I mean she is Sarah Walker. After two seasons with few humorous scenes for Sarah, I love seeing Sarah in funny situations like that last scene with Otto.
The Parallel – Comedic comparisons to the Turners galore, as Chuck and Sarah clashed between his awe of them and her obvious horror of becoming them. Serving also to emphasize how well our couple works together, despite a few bumps.

Casey & Morgan: I’m still digging this bromance. The dialogue was neither as funny nor as clever in this episode as the previous but the laughs still delivered. I’m not that big of a fan of the emotional bonding between Casey and Morgan. I much prefer Casey’s physically harming the little bearded man, but it is good to know they’re friends (well, friendly-ish).

Ellie & Dr. Super Fantastic White Person: Didn’t love this. A) It really wasn’t believable to me and B) the only part that contributed to the plot was the end. I do understand that it brought “closure” to the Doctors Without Borders plot but I would have been happier with less.

Some final thoughts:

• The opening scene is perfection. I’ve never seen “Hart to Hart” (until now) but just the overly obvious winking and smiles paired with a montage won my heart over.

• Is it bad to still think Ryan McPartlin is smokin’ when he is all sweaty from disease?

• Very pleased with the end of the episode as it finally seems like we’ll learn more of the Ring. So far the Ring storyline has been disappointing; they just don’t seem much of an evil, villainous group. Worse yet, the Ring hasn’t added a thing to the story.

• Anyone catch a slip of Yvonne’s accent when she said “… normal life” during the discussion about moving in? I don’t know why but it made me happy.

• At the end of the episode Chuck remarks how he and Sarah never will live a normal life. It shows just how far these two characters have come from what they initially wanted. For two seasons Chuck spent most of his time trying to get his old life back while Sarah seemed to progressively want a normal life herself. Now these two have finally accepted who they are and what their purpose is. *
* The transition between Chuck rejecting being a spy for so long to wanting to be one was never clear to me.. Same goes for Sarah realizing she can’t live without the spy life as she seemed pretty willing to run away and give it up, twice. I would have liked to see that “in-between” stage where Sarah realizes that normal isn’t really what she thought it would be but that is neither here nor there.

• Did Africa look a little familiar? Anyone who has had the pleasure of going on the WB tour can recognize that little patch of “jungle”… or anyone who has watched “Cougars,” “Sensei,” “Three Words,” “Tic Tac,” and more multiple times.

• I really enjoyed the back-and-forth cut-scenes between Chuck with the tiger and Morgan trying to steal the card. Kudos to Klemmer, very clever.

• Best Line: The note saying ”You Disgust Me!!!” Again I went with a non-spoken line but it was hysterical.
o Runner-up: “You said he was majestic."
“He is a little majestic.”

So it looks like the days of lighthearted Chuck have returned. Personally I’m digging this balance of humor, comedy, action and romance. What do you all think, are you happy with the back 6 so far?

Rules of Commenting:
1. Be Nice!
2. No whips… tigers, however, are allowed :)

- Emily