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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chuck fans vs the Golden tickets (and Sam vs the Cardboard)

Fave SDCC story/convo from twitter:
Background story - Chuck panel is in Ballroom 20. It was announced that they're giving out SIGNED Chuck posters to 50 lucky people who find tickets under their seats.

Ivy: funny sdcc Chuck panel moment: girl sitting next to me got really excited about 50 "golden tickets" & ripped off cardboard part of bottom of seat. She thought it was ticket but got a good look and realized what she had done. Funniest thing ever.
Sam: Were you talking about me? Because I was sitting next to you and I ripped off the cardboard. Dammit...
Rose: omg seriously sam, was that you? Why didn't I see that moment? I was sitting next to you! Haha
Sam: I don't know if Ivy's talking about me, but I did that I tried for no one to notice...
Ivy: no! But you ripped off the cardboard too? lol. Now that I think of it, a lot of people might have done it. Poor seats.
Sam: Well great. It worked in trying for others not to notice...Until now.