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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chuck vs. the Honeymooners: Thoughts from a Ho

Epic.  Brilliant.  Genius.  Best Ever.

Take your pick as these are all words and phrases I’m using to describe “Chuck versus the Honeymooners.”  I’m going to be honest.  I was worried that I had arrived at a point where Chuck and Sarah didn’t mean as much to me anymore.  Sure I was happy when my favorite couple finally got together in the “Other Guy,” but it wasn’t that same feeling engendered by the now legendary scene in “Colonel.”  It is safe to say my fears have been put to rest because I could not keep a silly grin off my face.  The mix of comedy, action and romance (and boy was there romance!) was perfectly done. I suspect I’m not the only one who has a new favorite episode.  

What made this episode such a winning combination?

First up, Casey and Morgan or Corgan, as I’m now calling them (though I’m open to suggestions).  As Beckman stated, an unlikely pair often produces successful results.  These two characters paired is comedic gold; I’m looking forward to seeing more of them together. 

Additionally, both Casey and Morgan individually had great moments.  Casey talking with his old partner about her future and choices nicely showed how far that relationship has progressed.  Casey and Sarah will never be best friends but they understand each other in a ‘spy’ way that others can’t.  However, as much as I loved Casey, Morgan stole the show for me, once again.  Morgan now has replaced Chuck as the bumbling idiot who irks Casey and manages to save the day using brains over brawns.  Josh Gomez was phenomenal and funny . Morgan has easily developed into one of my favorite characters in Season 3. 

The lighthearted fun and humor of this episode made it refreshing to watch.  The previous episodes of Season 3 have been darker and more serious, which isn’t bad at all. Still, it was great to watch our beloved characters in fun situations more like Season 2.  More pleasing than anything, this episode made me laugh.  The dialogue was clever throughout.  There was no single stand out, comedic scene like the “Cat was a Bear” but everything flowed and the subtle, perfectly delivered lines had me rolling.
Here are some of my favorites:
·      ”Can’t let myself go now that I’ve got the girl.”
·      “If I’m sleeping, I’m not rooting.”
·      “I made an oopsie…”
·      “Not such a passive people after all.”
·      And finally a tie between Casey and Devon for the best line: “He’s going to need a walker when Walker’s through with him…” and “Babe, this didn’t happen by accident.”

One of my biggest complaints for Season 3 has been the lack of big action sequences hence why I enjoyed the “Tic Tac” so much.  The show, kicked the action into gear in this episode with a brilliantly choreographed fight scene that should garner the show its third straight stunt Emmy.  The handcuff fight scenes were full of amazing moves and mixed sexy and fun to create the scene I’ve been waiting for.  It didn’t top the fight scene in “First Kill” for me (the music was just too badass in that episode) but it got the job done and definitely a fist pump from me.  Also kudos to the actors who are able to pull it off!

In addition to the comedy gold and the brilliant action, we got the romance many of us have been waiting for.  The show did a fantastic job of not having romantic overkill but not shying away from anything either.  I don’t pretend to think every episode will have as much kissing (can anyone seriously count how many times they kissed?), cuddling or handholding but the episode showed me that the show can pull off having their leads together and do a damn good job of it too. 

Other than the romance (aka the squee-worthy moments and man there were plenty!),  Chuck and Sarah  finally together allows for those characters to let loose and have fun.  This is especially true with Sarah; we’ve never seen her smile this much.  In the past we’ve gotten glimpses of who Sarah really is but never have we seen her with her guard so let down or having such a good time. It was refreshing to see (and I happen to really like when Yvonne does comedy).  Another reason I loved this episode so much, Sarah got the payoff she deserves.  All the back story about Sarah’s journey and struggle made those happy scenes between her and Chuck that much sweeter.  Simply put, I’m happy that they’re happy. 

Finally, although we’ve seen Chuck and Sarah as a spy team it has never been in this open, sexual tension-free  way before.  They make a great team! I’m a big fan of the spy stuff mixed with cute little romantic happenings like falling on the bed handcuffed.  Walkertowski is so on!

Some final thoughts:
-       I love Jeffster despite the creepiness of Jeff wearing a sleeveless shirt (guys should only do that if they look like Captain Awesome) and his weird John Lennon glasses.  Whereas Jeff usually is the one in the duo who steals the scene , Lester was funnier this week.  Lester talking Jewish traditions was hysterical and I liked his “Leaving on a Jet Plane” better than the one on Glee.  I admit my bias though as my love for Lester knows no bounds.

-       Yvonne’s real life boyfriend made a cameo in this episode as the Polish rocker and I have to say it was a cute little interaction. 

-       As much as many of us would like to see Chuck and Sarah in the bedroom, I thought the food carts coming and going was a very smart way to show that time instead.  Good job creative team!

-       I know this is getting picky but Chuck said he’d never lived anywhere outside of California but wasn’t he born in Hartford, Connecticut?  I’m chalking this one up to minor error.

-       It was nice to see Sarah wearing the bracelet again.  (If you missed it, she was wearing it during Chuck and Ellie’s goodbye scene.)

-       The episode’s story was by Walkertowski favorite Ali Adler and teleplay written by two people who are easily becoming a favorite of mine, Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc.  The combo of this team didn’t just hit a home run but a grand slam! 

-       Best Scene: Hands down the ending!  I think it is actually the best ending the show has ever had and it was just the sweetest scene ever.  Perfect scene, perfect song, simply just perfect.  I’ve been waiting for a scene like that to come along but honestly that scene exceeded expectations.  I also loved the whole music tie-in as Chuck really is a show with a strong musical base.  Zac and Yvonne’s chemistry was off the charts and they delivered in all respects.  I could go on and on but instead I’ll just cue up that scene for the umpteenth time.

So the stage has been set for these final episodes and if each one is as good as the “Honeymooners” then we’re in for a treat. 

So, how did you like it?  Was it epic for you, did you squee your little heart out? 

Rules of Commenting:
  1. Be nice!
  2. No handcuffing each other :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spread the Nerd, April 26th

Little Chuck Fan (aka Bailey) is definitely the most dedicated and clever 9 year old Chuck fan on the planet. And she has dreamed up a terrific promotional event - #SpreadtheNerd.

To Spread the Nerd and have some fun doing it, wear your Chuck t-shirt on Monday, April 26th, the day the third season's episode 14 premieres, Chuck v. the Honeymooners.

It's Easy and Fun:

  • Wear your Chuck t-shirt
  • Show it off and tell people to try out Chuck
  • Take your picture in your shirt & tweet it
  • Watch the show LIVE at 8 p.m. /7 p.m. CT
P.S. - If you can't wear your t-shirt to work (like me) wear it over the preceding weekend and #SpreadtheNerd!

P.S. #2 - Please tweet to #SpreadtheWord about #SpreadtheNerd.

Cheers - AngelHo

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iron Chuck Sarah Walker Edition

Can you say, epic?

In this special edition of Iron Chuck, the six Hos battle against the six SWFGs (@MrsHekmi, @queuebert, @Dohknutty, @Anjosie, @Michaela, and @Bartowski101). The questions in this episode are all Sarah Walker related and are sent in by Chuck fans.  No doubt, this Iron Chuck podcast is estrogen loaded and entertaining.

Now the question is, who are the real Sarah Walker experts? You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out! I assure you, this edition is quite interesting. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and listen to this crazy edition of I-on Chuckkkkk!

Click here to listen to Iron Chuck Sarah Walker Edition
Don't forget to vote for us in Podcast Alley.

If you think you’re a Chuckspert and would want to take on the Iron Chuck challenge, DM us (@CSoHos) or send us an email at csohos@gmail.com. Also, feel free to send us Iron Chuck questions at IronChuckQs@gmail.com ;)

Shoutouts go to the following people who submitted the awesome questions! (If your questions weren’t used this time, don’t worry. We will use them in the future editions of Iron Chuck.) <3
@29rehtaeh, Amy Zhong, @Andrew5979, @bm89, @cheesyfork, @Chuckbbsesd, @Diovi_rae, Katherine, @ktjlarsen, @minneapolisnice, @Nicky_Reinoehl, @reen426, @pinkat23, @radi8n, @salvador_08, @TheCreatureFear, @zabmanic

Special thanks to:
@happyalinsangan – question submitter and question sorter/evaluator
@snickrz – judge

and last but certainly not the least:
@hhooppy – quizmaster, question sorter/evaluator and judge

Thank you so much! This edition of Iron Chuck would not have been possible without your help! ;) <3

1.What is Sarah’s favorite Ice Cream?
Rocky Road
2.What is Sarah's favorite flower?
3.From what High School did Sarah graduate from and in what year? What is their Mascot?
James Buchanan High. 1998. Cougars.
4.What is the make and the model of the car she currently drives?
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
5.In vs The Wookie - what did Sarah write down as her “most dangerous situation ever" in the Know Ya game? (exact words please) and what is the story that went with it?
Sunburn Ouch! Her "sister" and her put baby oil on instead of sunscreen
6.In vs The Alma Mater - how many bullets does Sarah have left just before the "calvary" arrives to the lecture theatre?
7.Throughout the years, Chuck has brought food to Sarah’s apartment on several occasions. What food items did he bring, in detail, and in which episodes did he bring them?
Veggie pizza no olives in vs the Wookie
Cheeseburger extra pickles in vs the Cougars
Chocolate Croissant in vs the DeLorean.

8.It is implied that Sarah plays a musical instrument, what is it?
9.Sarah Walker has worn a bikini in what 2 episodes of Chuck?
vs the Crown Vic & vs the Pink Slip
10.How many times has Sarah slapped Chuck?

1.What is the name of the hotel that Sarah lives at and what is her room number?
Maison23, Room 832
2.In vs. the Wookie, what did Sarah say to her boss at the Wienerlicious when he pestered Sarah on exceeding her breaktime while she was talking to Chuck?
That 55% of accidents occur in the kitchen and that most of them are accidents.
3.In Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer, Sarah and Ellie have a conversation where Sarah informs Ellie that Chuck is like what (full quote)?
"You know, Chuck is like a duck. Sometimes it seems like he is just gliding along, but beneath the surface his little feet are just paddling away like crazy."
4.What did Sarah write at the back of her shopping list for Casey at the Chuck vs. The Suburbs?
Location Clear, Target on move.
5.How many weapons did Sarah bring on her very first date with Chuck? And How many agents did Sarah take down at the club?
3 knives, 2 hairpins, 1 gun. Took down 4 guys (in the club) 
6.In Chuck v the Mask, what gas are Sarah and Shaw exposed to?
Cyclosarin gas
7.How Does Sarah like her Sushi (quote)?
“light Wasabi, like, light, light, almost as if you washed your hand and only the residue of previous orders remains”
8.What are Sarah's known aliases and locations that Langston Graham knew about?
Jennifer Burton (San Diego), Katie O'Connell (Wisconsin) and Rebecca Frankle (Cleveland)

1.Name at least 6 professions that Sarah Walker had to be for missions (not including Orange Orange and Weinerlicious—long term mission).
Nerd Herd – vs. Tom Sawyer
Hotel staff member – vs. DeLorean, vs. the Gravitron
Escort – vs. The Fat Lady
Receptionist/Personal Assistant to Mr. Lichtenstein
Waitress – vs. the Ex, vs. the Crown Vic
Scientist – vs. the Ex
College Student – vs. The Alma Mater
Concert Usher – vs. The Gravitron

Lab Tech- vs. the Sensei
Exterminator – vs. the Delorean
Plumber – vs. the Predator
Robbers – vs. the Predator
Nurse – vs. the Angel de la Muerte
Pilot – vs. First Class

2.In vs The Ex, what wine does Sarah recommend for Chuck & Jill?
2000 Les Fiefs de Lagrange
3.In Chuck vs the Break up, Sarah was brought to the hospital after saving Chuck. What is Sarah's hospital room number?
4.What was SW's alias when she poisoned the french assassins mentioned in Chuck vs the Helicopter?
Elana Truffaut
5.In vs The Ex, what is the name of the conference that Sarah attends undercover? And what is Sarah's cover name for the conference?
BioScience Conference 2008. Dr Eva Anderson
6.What is the Wienerlicious and Orange Orange uniform composed of (in detail)?
Wienerlicious: White button-down puff-sleeved blouse, black corset, red polka dot mini-skirt with a white strip, white socks, black mary jane sneakers, hotdog sandwich pendant, hair in pigtails

Orange Orange: Orange tank top, white capris, white socks, orange socks with blue shoe laces and blue orange orange zip-up jacket with a hoodie

Tie Breaker: In vs The Wookie – Carina & Sarah speak in different languages to each other when they are surrounded by the bad guys. Give the languages that they speak to each other and what are the English translations for what they said.
Carina; Swedish - "If I throw you the key are you going to drop it?"
Sarah: Polish – "Only if you throw like your mother"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Undercover" - Chuck vs. the American Hero Podcast

Sorry this is a little late but hopefully this will hold you over while Chuck is taking a little break.  Enjoy!

Itunes Download: Here

Podcast Alley: Here
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Coming up - Our "Other Guy" podcast and the SW Edition of Iron Chuck!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chuck vs. the Other Guy: Thoughts from a Ho

*Chuck fan scream*
 Okay glad that’s out of the way.  The Chuck folks certainly know how to do a finale!  The best part: this episode wasn’t even a finale anymore but rather the end to the first part of Season 3.                                               
*Cheers of joy*

A big kudos to the entire cast and crew who worked so hard, we love this show because of you and appreciate all the hard work.  Now onto the awesome, epic Chuck-goodness of “Chuck vs. the Other Guy.”

This episode reminded me of “Colonel” in the way it wrapped everything up and simultaneously opened the possibilities for so much more.  Chuck’s spy journey has ended in a sense: he got the girl, Casey got his job back (and a new car I might add), Morgan is officially part of the team, and we were given some of the best moments of the show.  Was this entire wait worth it?  My answer would be a giant ‘Yes’ as this was Chuck at its best.  

One of the best aspects for me was Shaw.  Major props to Brandon Routh as he pulled off the psycho, tormented villain.  You can say what you want about the character leading up to this point but this is what I was waiting for.  I only wish we could have seen more of this villainous character as Routh truly pulled it off.  I even admit to being tricked in the beginning as I totally thought Shaw was out to kill Sarah but no, he turned around, seemingly still on board to take out the Ring.  Heck, Shaw even supported Chuck, an aspect of the character I loved when Shaw was first brought in, saying Chuck was in the right and had his partner’s back.  To my happiness Shaw was just being a smart villain, stringing us along with the plan all along being revenge.  What I liked most though was that even at the end Shaw wasn’t truly evil.  Feel free to disagree Shaw haters but you cannot deny that Shaw didn’t kill Chuck.  Rather, Shaw was willing to protect his identity as he said himself; none of this was Chuck’s fault.  Shaw was perfectly done here and as I said before I truly wish we could had more of this guy.  No, Shaw wasn’t perfectly written or portrayed for most of the season but for this episode he was perfect and that’s all I could have asked for.

This episode also showed off another strong suit of “Chuck,” which was taking everything from comedy to seriousness and blending together, highlighting the support, and adding little things many might miss on the first go around.  Here were some of my favorites “blends” in the episode:
·      Shaw’s “I see you’ve brought Casey” line after hearing gunshots off-screen in the middle of that dramatic scene.
·      The whole elevator scene with more and more people having to be brought in to make it a “party”.
·      Morgan saying “I forgive you” to Chuck after being freed by Sarah.
·      Sarah’s touched expression when watching Morgan help his best friend.

None of these scenes were the main parts of the episode but they all show how versatile and how well done the show is.  I laugh and gasp in the same minute and yet the flow feels perfectly natural.  This is Chuck done right.

The “Other Guy” showed just how far our favorite characters have come, more specifically Morgan and Casey. 

Morgan at the beginning of the show was written off as loser whose life was Chuck.  However, Morgan has developed into his own man and one of my favorite characters of Season 3.  Josh Gomez has done a brilliant job and it is no wonder he loves these later episodes.   Although we still get glimpses of that goofy guy, we mostly get this confident guy who comes through for his friend and is now part of an equal bromance.  Morgan figuring out Shaw was the bad guy by himself iced the cake and was a throw back to the days when Chuck provided the essential piece of information.  This episode summed up the greatness of Morgan and his devotion to his friend.  The guy even stood up to Casey. 

Speaking of the Colonel, this episode once again showed us Casey’s devotion to Chuck and Sarah as well as how far he’s come.   The back-story for Casey has been superb and I’ve enjoyed seeing Casey inhabit a world where he doesn’t seem to belong.  The scene between Casey and Morgan at the Buy More was so bittersweet ending with the line “You too.” We see Casey as more than just a killer and Adam Baldwin as usual really sold it.  However, I think the scene on the plane with Chuck and Casey best illuminated how much the character has changed.  Casey was not only supporting Chuck but also helping his team despite the possible ramifications.  This is why we love the Colonel and couldn’t be happier that Casey gets his redemption in the end, way to show the General and a definite fist pump from me.

Finally after three years of constant back-and-forth, we get Walkertowski.  This wasn’t like the “Colonel” where mounted up sexual tension was released (I do want another scene like that though). Rather it was an emotional climax, both of them knowing where the other stands.  The scenes were sweet, emotional and most of all real. 

I will prevent myself from gushing about how much I loved Sarah’s “I love you” scene but I will share some thoughts.  I was pleased with the fact that Sarah hesitated before immediately responding, as that is Sarah to me.  Telling Chuck was a huge deal in Chuck as she finally acknowledged and admitted her feelings, something that doesn’t come easily to Sarah Walker.   This declaration acted as the point-of-no-return and final commitment to Chuck for Sarah.  I also liked Chuck’s disbelieving reaction when she told him as this is our Chuck, the unsure guy who is still a nerd at heart and can’t believe he gets the girl.  Once again for all his confidence and suaveness earlier in the episode, the show does a great job showing that at the end of the day Chuck is just Chuck.  Someone commented (queuebert I believe) on how there were four “yes’s” paralleling Chuck’s four “I love you’s” in the previous episode, a nice subtle little aspect that I missed the first time around.  At the very end of the episode we also get Sarah saying, “You saved me,” to Chuck.  To me this line contains so many meanings and underlines their whole relationship.

In sum, this episode highlighted just how well the cast, both main and supporting, works together and how perfectly the show can blend drama, comedy and romance.  Anyone combination of characters can work to pull off a fantastic scene and I hope in the future we do get more mixing going like we have with Casey and the Buy More crew or Morgan in the spy world.  This is a show with an outstanding cast in every respect.  I truly know of no other show that can pull off what “Chuck” manages to do and that’s why its fans work so hard to support it.  If the show had ended here I would have be clamoring for more but left with a smile on my face.  Fortunately for us the show will be back in a few weeks with guns blazing. 

Some final thoughts:

·      The music was amazing in this episode both the song selections and Tim Jones’s work. 

·      Although Jeff and Lester had a brief appearance in this episode they still were fantastic.  The “In our crew buddy,” line by Lester in that singsong voice cracked me up.  I think that’d be Casey’s worst nightmare.  

·      Did anyone else sort of laugh during the scene where Sarah’s red test was on several screens?  I man there was an echo and definitely some editing done.  I’m thinking Shaw’s been hiding some video skills.

·      I felt Mark Christopher Lawrence was great in that scene with Joshua Gomez and he delivered the line about Jeff and Lester perfectly.  For the record, I give a damn about them.

·      I personally love Casey and Morgan interactions (can’t wait for more!) and the fact that it was a pep talk from Morgan that made Casey sign on for the rescue mission made it even better.

·      Bonita Friedericy, or General Beckman, nailed it in this episode.  She often isn’t given credit but I’m gladly giving it to her for the pajama scene alone.  I think her obvious pained expression in telling Morgan he was part of the team was on the money and her presence in an episode is always valued by me.

·      I did miss Ellie and Awesome.  Honestly so much happened in this episode that I didn’t need them per se but I would like to see where their story is headed.

·      Will the Ring get more interesting?  I hope so as it started to pick up in this episode but I’m missing the on-screen evilness of Fulcrum.

·      Best Line: What to choose from!?  So many options so I’ll pick three:

o   “No Chuck, yes… Chuck I fell for you a long, long time ago after you fixed my phone and before you started desfusing bombs with computer viruses.  So yes.  Yes.” 

o   “…You’re still Chuck.  You’re still my Chuck.” 

o   “And the tank, the tank.  Cancel the tank.”

Alright I’m finally done rambling.  So how did this rank in terms of overall Chuck episodes?  Make it into the top 5?  That elite #1 spot?  What was your favorite part?

Rules of Commenting.
1.     Be Nice!
2.     No tying up friend’s with video game controllers.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Iron Chuck - Team Awesome versus Team Made to Win

In this round of Iron Chuck we have Team Awesome (Mikki and Caitlyn) take on the Hos Jordan and Emily.  This game was a lot of fun, good laughs, and I suppose you'll just have to listen to find out who won.

Click here to listen on Itunes or here to listen in Podcast Alley

If you think you're Chuck enough to take the Iron Chuck challenge or you just want to have a Chuck load of fun, shoot as an email at csohos@gmail.com or DM us in twitter (@CSoHos). Actual Iron Chuck dog tags (yes, not just virtual dog tags) would be awarded to the winners.

Special thanks and shoutout to @happyalisangan for sending in questions. If you do have Iron Chuck questions, feel free to send them to us at csohos@gmail.com. We'll pimp you out on the edition that we use your questions ;)

1.In Chuck v the Undercover Lover, what is the first & last name of Sugar Bear's girlfriend?
Ilsa Trinchina
2.What is the actor's name who played MI6 spy, Cole Barker? 
Jonathan Cake
3.Where is Jeff's "office" located?
The restroom
4.In Chuck v.the Predator, Jeff, Lester and Morgan redirect the Predator to attack a different Buy More. Where is the Buy More located that they target? 
Beverly Hills
5.What drink did Sarah order to signal that she was in danger in Chuck vs the Beefcake?
6.What was the last place that Carina has been to before her date with Morgan in Chuck vs the Wookie?
7.What was the item that Team Bartowski retrieved from Guy LeFleur's hotel room at Chuck vs. the Fat Lady?
Venetian Puzzle Box
8.What was the name of the Fulcrum neighborhood in Chuck vs the Suburbs?
Meadow Branch
9.Name 4 Buy More assistant managers.
Harry Tang, Lester Patel, Emmett Milbarge, Morgan Grimes
10.In Chuck vs the Three Words, Carina invited Sarah to go with her on her next assignment. Where is Carina’s next assignment?
Saint Tropez

1.What are the ingredients of the “Chuck Bartowski” sandwich made by Lou?
Turkey, Muenster Cheese, Egg bread
2.What is the name of the episode when Chuck learns that Orion is his father? 
Chuck v the Dream Job
3.In Chuck v the First Dimension, rock star Tyler Martin makes an appearance at the Buy More. He was scheduled to appear at the Large Mart but his appearance was cancelled.  Why? 
Sex tape
4.What’s the name of the school that Morgan and Chuck went to?
Elizabeth Stanton
5.What’s the name of the company does Busgang work for (Chuck vs the Lethal Weapon)?
Constellation Science
6.In Chuck v the first Kill, Jill's uncle Bernie shows up at Chuck and Jill's fake engagement party. What is Uncle Bernie's code name?
The Carnivore
7.In Chuck vs the Angel de la Muerte, what country/nation was the Premier from?
Costa Grava
8.Name the professions Hannah and Chuck thought their fellow passengers in the first class were?
Syrian dignitaries, Nuclear physicists, Yale Fencing team, Professional wrestler

1.In Chuck vs the Tom Sawyer, the killscreen code was OZPGSB. What word did Chuck use to spell out the letter P?
2.What poison did the Fulcrum agent used to threaten Chuck, Sarah and Cole in Chuck vs the Beefcake?
3.Enumerate the 3 acts that build to An Evening with Morgan (Chuck vs. The Sizzling Shrimp)
Act 1: Sizzling Shrimp
Act 2: A screening of the greatest Kung Fu movie ever made: Enter the Dragon

4.In the beginning of Chuck v the DeLorean, we see a young Sarah fake an accident so her dad can steal money? What city & state does this take place in? 
Butte, Montana
5.What is the name of the comic book where Chuck hides the cards/clues from Orion? 
Ex Machina
6.In Chuck vs the Pink Slip, Sarah told Chuck to meet her at a train station in three weeks time. Give the name of the train station and the exact time of when they were to meet.
Nadrazi (or Praha) train station, 7 o’clock

WonderCon - Ho Style

Well I'm amazed that I even made it to WonderCon.  To make a long story shorter I got really, really sick the weekend of WonderCon but I still decided to try to go.  I convinced my friend to let me go after being sick again.  I made it there first in line only to realize that I really was too sick to be there and needed to head back to LA as fast as possible dashing my dreams of seeing some of the awesome Chuck fans that were going to be there and most of all the panel itself.  However, I made it to as far as the gate of my flight before admitting I was too sick to fly and checked myself into the ER.  To sum things up they gave me some drugs, I felt better, and they decided to release me... at 2:30 PM.  Now my first thought wasn't "I'm so happy I'm okay" but rather "Can I still make it?" (you see where my priorities are).  After tweeting back and forth with some people there I decided to ditch the ER and try my hardest in a cab to make it to the panel with was on the other side of town.  However, I did make it!!! I got there just in time to see the last bits of the episode and the whole panel.  One word to describe this whole thing: dedication.  Now for my thoughts on my first ever convention:

I decided to Saturday night to pick up my badge and walk around for a bit.  The floor was massive and everywhere you looked there was a booth for a game, comic, shirts, swords, lightsabers, artworks, etc. and it was just overwhelming.  Personally I thought it was amazing just because you could tell everyone there was there to have a good time and we could all be nerds together.  I think greatest part were all the costumes and here is glimpse of two I saw of many.

Here is Captain American (not Chris Evans) and the infamous Tetris "L" block

A rainbow unicorn... what more can I add?

The "Chuck" panel itself:

As I said before I didn't make it to see the whole episode but what I did saw was fantastic.  More so, it seemed everyone loved the episode. 

The panel itself was just fun.  It is so obvious to see how much the cast likes each other and just makes the show more fun to watch when you know how much the cast and crew love to make it.  Here are some videos from the panel and are strictly for enjoyment and no copyright intended.  Sorry for the quality.

Also a big shout and thank you goes to this guy right here who helped take care of me in SF. He's truly an amazing guy and gets the stamp of honorary Ho in my book!