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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iron Chuck Sarah Walker Edition

Can you say, epic?

In this special edition of Iron Chuck, the six Hos battle against the six SWFGs (@MrsHekmi, @queuebert, @Dohknutty, @Anjosie, @Michaela, and @Bartowski101). The questions in this episode are all Sarah Walker related and are sent in by Chuck fans.  No doubt, this Iron Chuck podcast is estrogen loaded and entertaining.

Now the question is, who are the real Sarah Walker experts? You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out! I assure you, this edition is quite interesting. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and listen to this crazy edition of I-on Chuckkkkk!

Click here to listen to Iron Chuck Sarah Walker Edition
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If you think you’re a Chuckspert and would want to take on the Iron Chuck challenge, DM us (@CSoHos) or send us an email at csohos@gmail.com. Also, feel free to send us Iron Chuck questions at IronChuckQs@gmail.com ;)

Shoutouts go to the following people who submitted the awesome questions! (If your questions weren’t used this time, don’t worry. We will use them in the future editions of Iron Chuck.) <3
@29rehtaeh, Amy Zhong, @Andrew5979, @bm89, @cheesyfork, @Chuckbbsesd, @Diovi_rae, Katherine, @ktjlarsen, @minneapolisnice, @Nicky_Reinoehl, @reen426, @pinkat23, @radi8n, @salvador_08, @TheCreatureFear, @zabmanic

Special thanks to:
@happyalinsangan – question submitter and question sorter/evaluator
@snickrz – judge

and last but certainly not the least:
@hhooppy – quizmaster, question sorter/evaluator and judge

Thank you so much! This edition of Iron Chuck would not have been possible without your help! ;) <3

1.What is Sarah’s favorite Ice Cream?
Rocky Road
2.What is Sarah's favorite flower?
3.From what High School did Sarah graduate from and in what year? What is their Mascot?
James Buchanan High. 1998. Cougars.
4.What is the make and the model of the car she currently drives?
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
5.In vs The Wookie - what did Sarah write down as her “most dangerous situation ever" in the Know Ya game? (exact words please) and what is the story that went with it?
Sunburn Ouch! Her "sister" and her put baby oil on instead of sunscreen
6.In vs The Alma Mater - how many bullets does Sarah have left just before the "calvary" arrives to the lecture theatre?
7.Throughout the years, Chuck has brought food to Sarah’s apartment on several occasions. What food items did he bring, in detail, and in which episodes did he bring them?
Veggie pizza no olives in vs the Wookie
Cheeseburger extra pickles in vs the Cougars
Chocolate Croissant in vs the DeLorean.

8.It is implied that Sarah plays a musical instrument, what is it?
9.Sarah Walker has worn a bikini in what 2 episodes of Chuck?
vs the Crown Vic & vs the Pink Slip
10.How many times has Sarah slapped Chuck?

1.What is the name of the hotel that Sarah lives at and what is her room number?
Maison23, Room 832
2.In vs. the Wookie, what did Sarah say to her boss at the Wienerlicious when he pestered Sarah on exceeding her breaktime while she was talking to Chuck?
That 55% of accidents occur in the kitchen and that most of them are accidents.
3.In Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer, Sarah and Ellie have a conversation where Sarah informs Ellie that Chuck is like what (full quote)?
"You know, Chuck is like a duck. Sometimes it seems like he is just gliding along, but beneath the surface his little feet are just paddling away like crazy."
4.What did Sarah write at the back of her shopping list for Casey at the Chuck vs. The Suburbs?
Location Clear, Target on move.
5.How many weapons did Sarah bring on her very first date with Chuck? And How many agents did Sarah take down at the club?
3 knives, 2 hairpins, 1 gun. Took down 4 guys (in the club) 
6.In Chuck v the Mask, what gas are Sarah and Shaw exposed to?
Cyclosarin gas
7.How Does Sarah like her Sushi (quote)?
“light Wasabi, like, light, light, almost as if you washed your hand and only the residue of previous orders remains”
8.What are Sarah's known aliases and locations that Langston Graham knew about?
Jennifer Burton (San Diego), Katie O'Connell (Wisconsin) and Rebecca Frankle (Cleveland)

1.Name at least 6 professions that Sarah Walker had to be for missions (not including Orange Orange and Weinerlicious—long term mission).
Nerd Herd – vs. Tom Sawyer
Hotel staff member – vs. DeLorean, vs. the Gravitron
Escort – vs. The Fat Lady
Receptionist/Personal Assistant to Mr. Lichtenstein
Waitress – vs. the Ex, vs. the Crown Vic
Scientist – vs. the Ex
College Student – vs. The Alma Mater
Concert Usher – vs. The Gravitron

Lab Tech- vs. the Sensei
Exterminator – vs. the Delorean
Plumber – vs. the Predator
Robbers – vs. the Predator
Nurse – vs. the Angel de la Muerte
Pilot – vs. First Class

2.In vs The Ex, what wine does Sarah recommend for Chuck & Jill?
2000 Les Fiefs de Lagrange
3.In Chuck vs the Break up, Sarah was brought to the hospital after saving Chuck. What is Sarah's hospital room number?
4.What was SW's alias when she poisoned the french assassins mentioned in Chuck vs the Helicopter?
Elana Truffaut
5.In vs The Ex, what is the name of the conference that Sarah attends undercover? And what is Sarah's cover name for the conference?
BioScience Conference 2008. Dr Eva Anderson
6.What is the Wienerlicious and Orange Orange uniform composed of (in detail)?
Wienerlicious: White button-down puff-sleeved blouse, black corset, red polka dot mini-skirt with a white strip, white socks, black mary jane sneakers, hotdog sandwich pendant, hair in pigtails

Orange Orange: Orange tank top, white capris, white socks, orange socks with blue shoe laces and blue orange orange zip-up jacket with a hoodie

Tie Breaker: In vs The Wookie – Carina & Sarah speak in different languages to each other when they are surrounded by the bad guys. Give the languages that they speak to each other and what are the English translations for what they said.
Carina; Swedish - "If I throw you the key are you going to drop it?"
Sarah: Polish – "Only if you throw like your mother"

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