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Monday, April 5, 2010

Iron Chuck - Team Awesome versus Team Made to Win

In this round of Iron Chuck we have Team Awesome (Mikki and Caitlyn) take on the Hos Jordan and Emily.  This game was a lot of fun, good laughs, and I suppose you'll just have to listen to find out who won.

Click here to listen on Itunes or here to listen in Podcast Alley

If you think you're Chuck enough to take the Iron Chuck challenge or you just want to have a Chuck load of fun, shoot as an email at csohos@gmail.com or DM us in twitter (@CSoHos). Actual Iron Chuck dog tags (yes, not just virtual dog tags) would be awarded to the winners.

Special thanks and shoutout to @happyalisangan for sending in questions. If you do have Iron Chuck questions, feel free to send them to us at csohos@gmail.com. We'll pimp you out on the edition that we use your questions ;)

1.In Chuck v the Undercover Lover, what is the first & last name of Sugar Bear's girlfriend?
Ilsa Trinchina
2.What is the actor's name who played MI6 spy, Cole Barker? 
Jonathan Cake
3.Where is Jeff's "office" located?
The restroom
4.In Chuck v.the Predator, Jeff, Lester and Morgan redirect the Predator to attack a different Buy More. Where is the Buy More located that they target? 
Beverly Hills
5.What drink did Sarah order to signal that she was in danger in Chuck vs the Beefcake?
6.What was the last place that Carina has been to before her date with Morgan in Chuck vs the Wookie?
7.What was the item that Team Bartowski retrieved from Guy LeFleur's hotel room at Chuck vs. the Fat Lady?
Venetian Puzzle Box
8.What was the name of the Fulcrum neighborhood in Chuck vs the Suburbs?
Meadow Branch
9.Name 4 Buy More assistant managers.
Harry Tang, Lester Patel, Emmett Milbarge, Morgan Grimes
10.In Chuck vs the Three Words, Carina invited Sarah to go with her on her next assignment. Where is Carina’s next assignment?
Saint Tropez

1.What are the ingredients of the “Chuck Bartowski” sandwich made by Lou?
Turkey, Muenster Cheese, Egg bread
2.What is the name of the episode when Chuck learns that Orion is his father? 
Chuck v the Dream Job
3.In Chuck v the First Dimension, rock star Tyler Martin makes an appearance at the Buy More. He was scheduled to appear at the Large Mart but his appearance was cancelled.  Why? 
Sex tape
4.What’s the name of the school that Morgan and Chuck went to?
Elizabeth Stanton
5.What’s the name of the company does Busgang work for (Chuck vs the Lethal Weapon)?
Constellation Science
6.In Chuck v the first Kill, Jill's uncle Bernie shows up at Chuck and Jill's fake engagement party. What is Uncle Bernie's code name?
The Carnivore
7.In Chuck vs the Angel de la Muerte, what country/nation was the Premier from?
Costa Grava
8.Name the professions Hannah and Chuck thought their fellow passengers in the first class were?
Syrian dignitaries, Nuclear physicists, Yale Fencing team, Professional wrestler

1.In Chuck vs the Tom Sawyer, the killscreen code was OZPGSB. What word did Chuck use to spell out the letter P?
2.What poison did the Fulcrum agent used to threaten Chuck, Sarah and Cole in Chuck vs the Beefcake?
3.Enumerate the 3 acts that build to An Evening with Morgan (Chuck vs. The Sizzling Shrimp)
Act 1: Sizzling Shrimp
Act 2: A screening of the greatest Kung Fu movie ever made: Enter the Dragon

4.In the beginning of Chuck v the DeLorean, we see a young Sarah fake an accident so her dad can steal money? What city & state does this take place in? 
Butte, Montana
5.What is the name of the comic book where Chuck hides the cards/clues from Orion? 
Ex Machina
6.In Chuck vs the Pink Slip, Sarah told Chuck to meet her at a train station in three weeks time. Give the name of the train station and the exact time of when they were to meet.
Nadrazi (or Praha) train station, 7 o’clock


  1. Holy crap these are hard. The "Easy" questions are harder than the "Hard" questions...haha. Nice job hos!

  2. (very delayed comment. i know.)