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Monday, April 5, 2010

WonderCon - Ho Style

Well I'm amazed that I even made it to WonderCon.  To make a long story shorter I got really, really sick the weekend of WonderCon but I still decided to try to go.  I convinced my friend to let me go after being sick again.  I made it there first in line only to realize that I really was too sick to be there and needed to head back to LA as fast as possible dashing my dreams of seeing some of the awesome Chuck fans that were going to be there and most of all the panel itself.  However, I made it to as far as the gate of my flight before admitting I was too sick to fly and checked myself into the ER.  To sum things up they gave me some drugs, I felt better, and they decided to release me... at 2:30 PM.  Now my first thought wasn't "I'm so happy I'm okay" but rather "Can I still make it?" (you see where my priorities are).  After tweeting back and forth with some people there I decided to ditch the ER and try my hardest in a cab to make it to the panel with was on the other side of town.  However, I did make it!!! I got there just in time to see the last bits of the episode and the whole panel.  One word to describe this whole thing: dedication.  Now for my thoughts on my first ever convention:

I decided to Saturday night to pick up my badge and walk around for a bit.  The floor was massive and everywhere you looked there was a booth for a game, comic, shirts, swords, lightsabers, artworks, etc. and it was just overwhelming.  Personally I thought it was amazing just because you could tell everyone there was there to have a good time and we could all be nerds together.  I think greatest part were all the costumes and here is glimpse of two I saw of many.

Here is Captain American (not Chris Evans) and the infamous Tetris "L" block

A rainbow unicorn... what more can I add?

The "Chuck" panel itself:

As I said before I didn't make it to see the whole episode but what I did saw was fantastic.  More so, it seemed everyone loved the episode. 

The panel itself was just fun.  It is so obvious to see how much the cast likes each other and just makes the show more fun to watch when you know how much the cast and crew love to make it.  Here are some videos from the panel and are strictly for enjoyment and no copyright intended.  Sorry for the quality.

Also a big shout and thank you goes to this guy right here who helped take care of me in SF. He's truly an amazing guy and gets the stamp of honorary Ho in my book!

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