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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home today from the wonder that is Comic-Con. Had a blast. Instead of recapping the whole thing, I'm just going to blather on about CHUCK!

On our way back to our condo on Friday night, BR & I walked in front of the Hard Rock Hotel and the cast of Chuck was standing outside waiting to get into the party. BR was staring at Adam Baldwin and I was staring at Zac Levi. To make a long story short, Zac is a doll, gracious and polite. And his cool and normal looking girlfriend wanted to know where I had obtained my WB Chuck bag. Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) is funny and worried about losing track of his "woman". Ryan McPartlin has the best smile ever and reached out to shake my hand. Scott Krinsky is shy. Vic Sahay is a flirt and kissed my cheek. Wow.

Yvonne was being protected by her boyfriend or friend or brother or whatever so no one could get near her. Didn't see Sarah & Adam was hanging back so no chance at a word with him. A bunch of people realized who they were so Zac held court, posing for pics and signing autos.

As I am sure you have heard by now, the Chuck panel was off the hook. I had been rambling on for a while that I so wanted a Jeffster performance at CC. Well, I got my wish, probably because I had my Jeffster t-shirt on (not kidding, I did have it on). AND, some woman asked my question requesting a full on musical episode and Fedak dutifully noted it down. AND, if you listen carefully to the audio of the panel, when the audience is shouting out names of favorite S2 guest stars, some woman yells, 'Dom Monaghan' and Zac nods and says, "Dominic Monaghan". That person shouting out Dom - that would be ME!!!!

Here is video of Jeffster's performance if you haven't seen it.

The nice Chuck people have created their own web site to explore & keep up with all things Chuck - www.chuckmeout.com. If you have not explored Chuck, please go there and stream a few of the episodes. It is a great show, fun, adventure, laughs, tears, explosions, intrigue, kung fu - what more could you want?

Friday, April 24, 2009

So, I love Chuck. A lot. A whole hell of a lot. Sometimes the number one thing that gets me through Monday is telling myself that I get to watch Chuck that night.

I think Chuck is the best all-around show on tv like the best all-around athlete in school, just does everything so well. Chuck has comedy, drama, action, romance, bromance and executes well on all these things at the same time. And it is clever as hell. Its actors are lovely and gracious and so grateful for the support that has been demonstrated by fans.
(It's so great to see a show where the stars & showrunners love their fans as much as the fans love the show.)

Chuck sadly is on the renewal bubble. Its ratings are not as Awesome as it is. There are a bunch of us out there writing letters, sending Nerds, twittering to save Chuck. I've done all three.
So, I am here to ask if you can be Awesome in a small way to help out.

1 - Please watch Chuck this Monday. It is the S2 finale. And it really needs great ratings. That more than anything else would be the #1 best way to help.
2 - If you can, watch this past Monday's episode at hulu.com. That episode was a thing of beauty, every moment exceptional. Seeing a spike in viewership via online can only help.
3 - This show has been supported faithfully by advertising and by show tie-ins by Subway. There is a campaign to buy a $5 footlong on Monday in support of the show. If you can, please do that too.

Oh and for you die hard Chuck fans, you can now buy a Jeffster t-shirt at NBC web site. You know you want one.