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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Iron Chuck: Hos versus Hearts

In this edition of Iron Chuck we have The Hearts, made up of two members of the We Heart Chuck crew Wendy and Jasmin, battling it off with The Ho (or Super Fantastic Hos), Ivy and Jordan. Enjoy!

Listen/vote for it here or download it on iTunes

If you are interest in participating in Iron Chuck yourself send us a message or email us at CsoHos@gmail.com.

1.In Chuck v the Santa Claus: Who was the first hostage to leave the Buy More?
Emmett Milbarge
2.What’s the name of Jeff’s van?
3.Where did Captain Awesome learn how to Tango?
Buenos Aires
4.What nuclear element was hidden in the frame of the painting in Chuck vs the Tango?
5.What mail carrier does Chuck use to send the diamond to NSA/CIA?
6.In Chuck vs the Nacho Sampler, Team Bartowski went to Weap-Con. Where was Weap-Con held?
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
7.What is the name of the assassin Chuck has to pretend to be in “Fake Name”?
Rafe Gruber
8.What is Casey’s real name?
Alex Coburn
9.What was the name of Casey’s one-time fiancĂ©?
Kathleen McHugh
10.What is the name of the episode Lou first appears in?
Chuck versus the Truth

1.In Chuck v. the Beefcake, where did Butterman go when he left the Buy More?
Zihuatanejo – Mexican for Philadelphia
2.In Chuck vs the Sizzling Shrimp, Buy More employees had a sales competition. What were the 4 prizes according to Big Mike?
1 – iPhone
2 – large pizza, 2 toppings
3 – get to keep job
last prize – fired

3.In Chuck vs the Sandworm, Morgan brought the costume to the dry cleaners because it was stained with something. What was the stain in the sandworm costume?
Ranch dressing
4.In Chuck v the Santa Clause, What’s the full name of the guy who took Buy More hostage?
Nathan Edward Rheryson “Ned”
5.When Chuck is trying to convince Sarah to go a real date with him he mentions that she has nothing to lose as in a week she’ll be in a new place. What place does he mention and what does he say she’ll be doing there?
In Jakarta; knife fight with some evildoer
6.What was Jill’s Fulcrum call sign?
7.In Chuck vs the Broken Heart, what is the name of Rashad Ahmad personal physician?
Dr. Muhammed Zami
8.In Chuck vs the Broken Heart, what alias is Ahmad admitted into the hospital under?
Harry Lime

1.What is the name of the reporter in “Santa Claus” that is covering the incident at the Buy More?
Mori Mitsubishi
2.In Chuck v the First Date, what was the verification code for the pick-up of the Cipher?
Morning Glorey
3.Who were the humanitarians that Tyler Martin thanked during this speech at the Buy More?
Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Angelina Jolie
4.In Chuck vs the Intersect, what was the kind of laptop that was connected to the bomb?
Prism Express Laptop
5.What is the name of the electric company the Fulcrum agent comes posing as in “Fat Lady” when going to LaFleur’s apartment?
Tuttle Electric
6.In Chuck vs the Fat Lady, what was the number of Guy LaFleur’s hotel room?
Room 1124

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