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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chuck v the Role Models

Phil Klemmer had a tough job, write the script to follow the wonderful, satisfying “Honeymooners”. He crafted a solid episode with “Role Models”. It wasn’t my favorite, not by a long shot, but it was fun and had its inspired, clever moments.

Chuck & Sarah - My favorite aspect for two reasons.
· The Real Discussions – In the midst of all the jokes, Chuck and Sarah had a lot of true couple moments where they were honest with each other. After so many episodes in which they didn’t tell each other the truth, it was rewarding to see the couple be so forthright… even if Chuck had to admit his stress reliever is cleaning.
The Bickering – I love Sarah and Chuck arguing. Period. I loved it in “Hard Salami,” “Crown Vic,” Cougars,” “Mask,” and now this episode. Those scenes are always funny to me and Yvonne and Zac play out those scenes and play off one another really well.

Swoosie Kurtz & Fred Willard – Need I say more? These two are fantastic on their own and together they make a super pair. WWTD indeed. Although they don’t knock off Roan as my favorite older spy, the scene with the Turners wrestling on the floor brings them mighty close.
Sarah – I could just leave at that and no one would question me but I did put her down for a specific reason. This episode highlighted Sarah’s competitive nature. She clearly did not get the big deal about the Turners . Frankly, why would she? I mean she is Sarah Walker. After two seasons with few humorous scenes for Sarah, I love seeing Sarah in funny situations like that last scene with Otto.
The Parallel – Comedic comparisons to the Turners galore, as Chuck and Sarah clashed between his awe of them and her obvious horror of becoming them. Serving also to emphasize how well our couple works together, despite a few bumps.

Casey & Morgan: I’m still digging this bromance. The dialogue was neither as funny nor as clever in this episode as the previous but the laughs still delivered. I’m not that big of a fan of the emotional bonding between Casey and Morgan. I much prefer Casey’s physically harming the little bearded man, but it is good to know they’re friends (well, friendly-ish).

Ellie & Dr. Super Fantastic White Person: Didn’t love this. A) It really wasn’t believable to me and B) the only part that contributed to the plot was the end. I do understand that it brought “closure” to the Doctors Without Borders plot but I would have been happier with less.

Some final thoughts:

• The opening scene is perfection. I’ve never seen “Hart to Hart” (until now) but just the overly obvious winking and smiles paired with a montage won my heart over.

• Is it bad to still think Ryan McPartlin is smokin’ when he is all sweaty from disease?

• Very pleased with the end of the episode as it finally seems like we’ll learn more of the Ring. So far the Ring storyline has been disappointing; they just don’t seem much of an evil, villainous group. Worse yet, the Ring hasn’t added a thing to the story.

• Anyone catch a slip of Yvonne’s accent when she said “… normal life” during the discussion about moving in? I don’t know why but it made me happy.

• At the end of the episode Chuck remarks how he and Sarah never will live a normal life. It shows just how far these two characters have come from what they initially wanted. For two seasons Chuck spent most of his time trying to get his old life back while Sarah seemed to progressively want a normal life herself. Now these two have finally accepted who they are and what their purpose is. *
* The transition between Chuck rejecting being a spy for so long to wanting to be one was never clear to me.. Same goes for Sarah realizing she can’t live without the spy life as she seemed pretty willing to run away and give it up, twice. I would have liked to see that “in-between” stage where Sarah realizes that normal isn’t really what she thought it would be but that is neither here nor there.

• Did Africa look a little familiar? Anyone who has had the pleasure of going on the WB tour can recognize that little patch of “jungle”… or anyone who has watched “Cougars,” “Sensei,” “Three Words,” “Tic Tac,” and more multiple times.

• I really enjoyed the back-and-forth cut-scenes between Chuck with the tiger and Morgan trying to steal the card. Kudos to Klemmer, very clever.

• Best Line: The note saying ”You Disgust Me!!!” Again I went with a non-spoken line but it was hysterical.
o Runner-up: “You said he was majestic."
“He is a little majestic.”

So it looks like the days of lighthearted Chuck have returned. Personally I’m digging this balance of humor, comedy, action and romance. What do you all think, are you happy with the back 6 so far?

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2. No whips… tigers, however, are allowed :)

- Emily


  1. GReat review! I absolutely loved the chuck/sarah bickering about the 30 ft rule, I watched and re-watched it like 6 times, it made me smile really cheesy, finally we've gotten to a point where we get the different aspects of their relationship and makes the beginning to the season worth it to see where they are now!

  2. I noticed the "our" and "over" in "when our spy life is over" were a bit off, although her slip in 3x13 at the end of the apartment scene when she says "headquarters" and "our" was much more pronounced.

    I'd agree also with the normal/spy transition critique in part. Personally, I always saw that transition from Chuck wanting normal to wanting to be a spy in Chuck vs The Ring. So I've never really had a problem with it this season. Like you, though, I was not completely clear on Sarah's motivations. That could have been fleshed out better because it's seemed this season that the spy world was a safety net to fall back on when Chuck left her rather than her having a deep desire to continue in the spy game.

  3. Did you catch the part where she said "the only place in Los Angeles" in this episode? Maybe she's spent too much time down undah lately.

  4. Well, Yvonne has been promoting her new australian movie I Love You Too, directed and written by Peter Hellier, and she has been in australia. So maybe she has spent some time.

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