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Monday, March 1, 2010

Do you want #Chuck to trend?

Every week (at least when Chuck is on) there are efforts for #chuck/#Chuck/#CHUCK to trend. Does it ever work? No. It's upsetting, yes. A few weeks ago, I went with @ChuckMeMonday/Magnus' effort to trend #Chuck through doing a "100 things I love about #Chuck" list. Tons of people participated. I actually did all of the 100. And it did not work...

So what's the problem? Hashtags trend when those hashtags are used the most in a short amount of time. For example, 1,000,000 tweets might have #Chuck in it throughout the day, but it only trends if there's a large output of those tweets in an hour or so.

When I did the 100 list, someone told me to save that list, because it might come in handy one day. Well, today is the day. Create a 100 things of #Chuck list. This may be "100 things I love about #Chuck," or "What Would Casey do," or "YouKnowYoureAddictedto#ChuckWhen," or I've even just seen the whole "Confessions of a #Chuck-aholic" thing.

Just remember to include #Chuck. Do not tweet this list now, but only tweet this from now until 7:30ET: If you want #Chuck to trend, create a 100 things of #Chuck list, but put this in a word doc. At 7:30ET, bombard Twitter and tweet each one.

Like the tweet says, come up with a list and save it in a word doc. At 7:30, tweet each one constantly. Now, if you don't have time to come up with a list, or need more of a list to tweet, here's mine from last time:

100 Things I Love about Chuck:

1. Regardless of anything that happens, the show can never leave it's numero uno spot in my heart.

2. Chuck aka @ZacharyLevi himself. Really...That's really self explanatory aka I don't have enough space.

3. @adamsbaldwin/Colonel John Casey. Reagan and the right to bear arms. Two things I love as well.

4. No other team on TV works better than Team Bartowski (the original)

5. This really is your finest hour, @JoshSchwartz76 (of television)

6. The guest stars. Must I name them all?

7. I didn't know YS was Australian until halfway into season 1 when I finally imdb-ed it.

8. Morgan Guillermo Grimes can be my best friend and cling to me all he wants. I'd rub that beard.

9. Eleanor Bartowski. LL bean eye colored, nosy and all.

10. I can only hope my future husband is as beautiful and awesome as Dr. Devon Woodcomb.

11. I have captain crunch and read the newspaper, trying to feel like an adult too.

12. YS/Sarah Walker...Enough said, right? You Sarah Walker Fan Girls (#swfg) fill in the blank.

13. "You know at the end you won't want to blow your brains out...Hopefully" - @Yokaputo

14. And I thought I only felt emotional distress with Grey's Anatomy. Not anymore.

15. Like Casey, I like my coffee black and bitter too.

16. Casey is a Chuck and Sarah shipper at heart. Oh Sugarbear...

17. References to actors' previous jobs- "If you're into the strong kind of superman type."

18. The writers like to put their names in the episode. Yeah, I just saw "Klemmer" on that truck.

19. Because Sarah will always take precedence over Hannah.

20. Brandon Routh can act like superman even if he's not playing superman. Ok, so wires are attached...

21. In honor of 21 being the legal drinking age, I'm just going to go with Jeffrey/Jefferson/Jeff.

22. The french door refrigerator in the break room. I'd like to say that's why we got one.

23. I'm kind of almost done with this list, but I know there are more than 100 things I love about Chuck.

24. The Chuck font is now what I write all my notes in. GF Ordner Normal, for those out of the know.

25. It's on at 8/7c, meaning I'll watch a new episode in 13 minutes.

26. I too love Asian-influenced frozen yogurt.

27. The mix of comedy with drama limits a depression after watching an episode. Grey's Anatomy, take notes.

28. The Rocky 3 reference in ep. 1 of this season...Overall, the show is going the distance.

29. I'm not Jewish, but I'd go to Temple any day with Lester.

30. Chuck Bartowski kissed a guy...If you're into that.

31. Even kids love the show - @LittleChuckFan & my 6 yr old nephew who just laughs whenever Casey grunts.

32. If Roan and Cole had a baby, it would be James Bond.

33. RT: @wondroushippo@tisISAM #33: He (Cap'n Awesome) can't lie well. But his lies are hilarious.

34. Scratch that. Is there anything Captain Walker can't do?

35. Is there anything Captain Awesome can't do?

36. Roan is no Jack Nicholson, but I'm sure there's a #RMFG somewhere.

37. Bonita Friedericy, it must've been easy to google yourself even before you were on Chuck.

38. Stanford's for cheaters. Well...maybe just for people who like to frame people for cheating.

39. The writers...Man, I really can't think of anything slightly comical other than Phil Klemmer's hair.

40. The buy more is exactly like best buy. I also walk into best buy in slow motion.

41. The Situation recently said that his fav show is Chuck...Ok, he didn't, but he'd give it a fist pump.

42. My mom likes to call Casey her bf. My dad doesn't understand, & tries to hack into her FB to find him.

43. A new style to ask for when you go to the hairdresser - "Animal shaped hair"

44. I'm waiting for Intersect: Student Edition...Let's be honest, I'd do a lot better in school.

45. First a delorean and now Doc himself?! Marty McFly, this is heavy.

46. The fan community is dirty like me. I'm talking to you, @wondroushippo @thekelliejane & @chuckmemondays

47. "Awesome" will never be not awesome to say in reference to Chuck. Forget you, Mo Ryan.

48. Sugarbear should've been the name of a grunt only care bear.

49. Jeffster...I too dream of having a 2 piece 80s cover band. Anyone play keytar?

50. Because I would've stopped at number 99 if it was any other TV show.

51. I was kind of like a robot too...Until Chuck.

52. I like roast beef, but I'd totally rather have a prosciutto and provolone one if deserted on an island.

53. They mentioned Sbarro. It's my fav NY mock pizza chain.

54. I thought Chevy Chase aka Mr. Griswald had died...Then I saw him on Chuck.

55. Only YS can pull off a white bikini. Let me tell ya, my sister tried in '98, & it's still a running joke

56. Big Mike doesn't care that the name refers to his size. I'm talking to you, "Michael" from The Blindside

57. Legit? I don't even say legit. (See number 58)

58. My parents must have legit reasons for acting crazy- like that they're secretly working on an intersect.

59. I would never run off with a sous chef. Maybe an executive chef, but still...

60. To all the unmotivated underachievers out there, check your e-mail. Maybe your spam folder?

61. I hate to love you Bryce Larkin, b/c I love to hate you.

62. And I used to make fun of my nephew's name, Orion...Now I like to take credit for thinking of it.

63. All of the Toyotas on Chuck haven't been recalled.

64. Jay Leno, you couldn't Conan Chuck.

65. What other TV show attempts the unknown (i.e. a 3D episode)? Fail, CSI: Miami in space...Fail.

66. "Walker" no longer brings up bad images of Chuck Norris as a Texas Ranger.

67. Two weddings are better than one.

68. Sarah Walker as a character has the power to create such hashtags and clubs as #SWFG and#GFSW

69. Because I bet Chuck would smile a little too when seeing what number I'm at.

70. Awesome isn't just any doctor. He's a cardiologist, meaning he specializes in the human heart.

71. Because guys can hug.

72. Hey! RT @radi8n: Tweeting about #Chuck helps make new friends. I'm following u now b/c of ur #100 list.

73. I think "Chuck" is a good name for my first son, right?

74. No one else on television wears a beard as well as Morgan.

75. Captain Awesome's consistent six pack.

76. I never wanted a secret underground lair until I saw Castle.

77. If only my sisters and I could get along as well as Chuck and Ellie. I wish we had secrets.

78. You can find out casting info via twitter RT: @JoshSchwartz76: Christopher Lloyd to guest star in ep 16!

79. My professor thinks I'm working on final cut right now, but I'm really doing this Chuck countdown.

80. Where an extra (@JesseHeiman) named Fernando is as popular as a series regular

81. You can find fans in the strangest of places. Really, there's one sitting behind me in class right now.

82. I think if I worked at best buy, I'd wear a buy more polo...And then get fired.

83. I should be on my way to class, but I'd rather do to this countdown & be late, hoping #Chuck will trend.

84. I don't just laugh anymore...I chuckle.

85. "Cobrastyle" literally just started playing randomly. That wouldn't have happened if it wasn't on Chuck.

86. I love that my mom watches it with me, and says uncomfortable things about @adamsbaldwinduring it.

87. The show gives me hope that something awesome will happen to me someday...Hopefully by e-mail too?

88. I would've still been talking to myself on twitter (maybe I still am) if I didn't meet some fans.

89. The opening sequence. A lot of shows are dropping opening credits in favor of title cards. Lame.

90. The illusion that Morgan is really short. Everyone around him is just tall.

91. What other TV show has its own fest like CHUCKfest? & if it does, I bet it's not as awesome.

92. There's this insanely passionate fanbase that can relate to my own insane passion for the show.

93. I didn't even know there was such a thing as the NSA before watching Chuck.

94. It causes me to do crazy things- Randomly fly to LA. Participate in this 100 things tweeting.

95. And I thought I was alone in my love of the song "Mr. Roboto"

96. Showcases alcoholism negatively (i.e. Jeff)

97. The word "flash" will never get old.

98. The only show where I enjoy, welcome, and buy the products of product placement.

99. Casey's love of Ronald Reagan.

100. The music. Either it's a song already in my iTunes library, or one that should definitely be there.


  1. Good idea :) Wont it also help if a bunch of us all do the chuckmeout.com game's tweeting aswell?

  2. Absolutely ;) That will help too! But with the 100 things, we can let other people know more of our personal experiences/likes about the show, which can help build up curiosity as well. Also, it's fun to make and read those things! Makes you realize how addicted you are to the show lol ;)