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Monday, March 8, 2010

Adam Baldwin's twitter game

Seems like @ZacharyLevi isn't the only Chuck celebrity who likes to play games with the Chuck fans. Today, @adamsbaldwin conducted a game of his own. The mission? Tweet back his favorite line from tonight's episode, Chuck vs The Beard. The prize? A "#chucktastic signed piece of #Chuck #chuck memorabilia." One winner will be declared each for the East Coast as well as for the West Coast to give chance to the West Coasters who are able to view the show 2 hours later than the East Coasters.

Knowing Adam's engagement in politics and eloquence, it wasn't hard to spot his favorite line. So what was it? Here goes: "Because the only thing I hate more than hippy and neo-liberal fascists and anarchists are the hypocrite fat cat suits they eventually grow to become." I personally think that the line is something that Casey and/or Adam would say. It was just too much to process while watching the show :P

Based on Adam's first declaration-of-winner tweet, the winners are
@justinlafferty (for the East Coast) and @lochnessmonster (for the West Coast). However, this declaration was later disputed by @trevorsg and @Miss_Shannon85. So now, we have a battle: @justinlafferty vs @trevorsg for the EC division and @lochnessmonster vs @Miss_Shannon85 for the WC division. According to Adam, same-day timestamping of tweets was an issue, thus, he decided to just settle the dispute later on.

Despite this unforeseen disagreement, I'm sure that the Chuck fans enjoyed playing Adam's game of favorite-line-hunting. Thank you, Adam Baldwin! And like he said, "What should we play next week?"

Spreading the Chuck <3,

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