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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Iron Chuck - 1st Edition

The first Iron Chuck showdown between Team YvonneonEllen (Sara and Bailey, the Experts) and Team Zac (Emily and Rose, the Hos) took place on Sunday! Interested in finding out who reigned supreme?

Click here to listen to the Podcast of the Grand Event!

What is Iron Chuck? It is a Chuck Trivia Showdown. There are three rounds, Easy, Medium and Difficult, with escalating point values. Each team gets a chance to answer its question and, if wrong, the opposing team gets the opportunity to steal the points.

Think you can do better than the players? Click the cut link to see the Questions for this Iron Chuck Round. If you find that you do very well (or are just game), let us know by emailing us at CSoHos@gmail.com, and you can play in an upcoming round.
Requirement: A mic is needed for Skype - sorry

And there is a really cool prize - Iron Chuck Dogtags (pictured at top) for winners!

Are you Chuck Enough?

Round 1
Each Question Worth 1 Point

1. What former president is Casey’s hero?
2. What are the names of the two shops where Sarah has worked as a cover?
3. What is the name of the university where Bryce & Chuck met?
4. At the Halloween party in Chuck v the Sandworm, what were Awesome & Ellie dressed as?
5. How did Big Mike obtain the Marlin?
6. Sarah spread Bryce’s ashes where?
7. Where is Jeff’s mom?
8. Agent Cole Barker works for what agency?
9. Name of the first episode Papa Bartkowski appears in?
10. In Chuck v the Break-up, Bryce slips Chuck a pair of sunglasses that updates the Intersect. What line does Chuck utter after the update is over?

Round 2
Each Question Worth 2 Points

1. What is the name of Devon’s college alma mater?
2. Chuck & Morgan have a signature Halloween costume based on a creature from what famous scifi novel?
3. In Chuck v the Gravitron, which character saves the day by taking down the bad guy?
4. In Chuck v the Best Friend, Suzy punches Morgan 15 years earlier. What does he have on his t-shirt?
5. When Chuck & Sarah find Papa Bartowski, where is he per the screen caption?
6. In Chuck v the Three Words, Big Mike returns as Buy More manager. He says he learned much from his school. Name the school.
7. What state does Bryce come from?
8. Name of club where Chuck plays flamenco guitar in Chuck v the Pink Slip?

Difficult Round
Each Question Worth 3 Points

1. Season 2’s Thanksgiving celebration (Chuck v the Gravitron), name the attendees at Sarah’s meal.
2. Jeffster! Has performed 3 songs, two in the show and 1 at ComicCon. What are the 3 songs, both artist & song name?
3. In Chuck v the Seduction, John Larroquette plays Roan Montgomery. The mission is to hunt down The Black Widow. What is The Black Widow’s signature drink according to Roan?
4. What is the specific name of the sandworm that is the Halloween costume?
5. In Chuck v the Colonel, what is the name of the drive-in at Black Rock?
6. In Chuck v the Pink Slip when Emmett is murdered, what song is playing on Emmett’s car radio & artist name?


Round 1 – Easy
1. Ronald Reagan
2. Wienerlicious & Orange Orange
3. Stanford
4. Adam & Eve
5. EBay
6. Lisbon, Portugal
7. Prison
8. MI6
9. Chuck v the Dream Job
10. “I hate Bryce Larkin”

Round 2
2. Dune
3. Big Mike
4. ALF
5. 100 miles east of Barstow
6. El Segundo School of Finance
7. Connecticut
8. El Bucho

Round 3
1. Awesome, Ellie, Sarah, Chuck, Jeff, Lester, Morgan
2. Toto’s Africa, Styx’s Mr. Roboto & Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls
3. Ice Cold Dirty Martini, 3 olives
4. Shai Hulud
5. Starbright
6. Hold On (for One More Day) by Wilson Philips

Love & Chuck,

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