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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chuck vs. the American Hero: Thoughts from a Ho

Overall, what a great episode.  “American Hero” had everything from comedy to romance to suspense and did a spectacular job balancing and meshing those aspects into top-notch entertainment. 

Instead here are some of my thoughts on the episode. Next week look for a larger, longer character and storyline analysis and thought summary of how Season 3, Part I played out.

-          The opening scene with Chuck in Beckman’s office was the perfect example of Chuck done right.  I enjoy when the show makes light of the government or serious issues, and this scene did not disappoint.  Beckman’s office was depicted as ordinary and casual, like your run-of-the-mill business full of secretaries and cubicles rather than a place concerned National Security.  I’m also a big fan of the Beckman and Chuck interactions as she does put up with Chuck’s “process” as she called it.  I find it refreshing to see an “outsider” of Team B interact with Chuck and how the outsider reacts to his ways, and who doesn’t like Chuck’s awkwardness in the presence of the General?

-       The combination of Morgan, Devon and Casey was absolutely fantastic. I sincerely hope this isn’t the last time we see these three joining up.  I want to be in that freakish bubble of handsomeness and don’t worry Morgan; I put you in that bubble too.  Honestly when most of the leading men band together, what’s not to like?

-       Jeffster.  Need I say more?  When Jeffster stalks I’m guaranteed to love it.  “Both men are physically fit, should be lively,” another great line from Jeff.  The show knows how to use these two well and they often seem to steal an episode even when they aren’t the main story.
I see you...
-       Shaw:  Did anyone else want to play the Darth Vader “NOOOOOOOO” when Shaw found out?  No, just me?  Anyway I liked this reveal a lot (I have to say I called it) and very happy the show did something like it.  I’m not going to go in-depth about Shaw as we still have one more episode. But to sum up, it is safe to say I liked the idea of Shaw but for whatever reason it just didn’t play out very well.  More to come on that next week.

-       In the final scene before Sarah was about to leave her apartment, you see her toss the gun on the bed.  It was a bit of a metaphor for her trying to leave her spy life behind but we all know it just never works that easily.

-       Chuck and Sarah:  In the beginning of the episode Sarah states plain and simple why she doesn’t want to be with him: he isn’t the guy she fell for.  Part of me wanted to scream out “hypocrite” since she not only kills people but in “Third Dimension” I feel like she sort of expected Chuck simply to move on from the Mauser incident.  In the end Sarah chose Chuck without knowing that he didn’t shoot the mark.  Finally it seems that Chuck and Sarah are on the same page.  Hooray! Chuck repeating, the phrase “I love you” to Sarah and just to say it out loud worked perfectly.   Yes it seems like he flip-flops every other episode on whether he wants to be a spy, be with Sarah or both.  I’m choosing to believe that Chuck wanted to runaway not to shrink away from his responsibilities but because he gets what Sarah was trying to tell him in the very first episode of this season; nothing else matters.

-       Best line: “I love you Sarah Walker.  Always have.”  I mean COME ON, nothing else was close to this line.  I don’t know how Sarah didn’t run off with him right then and there . It was the sweetest moment and made my heart melt. 

-       Runner up: “You are a Bartowski Chuck, start acting like one.”  This surprising line from Ellie was perfect as it reflects how I felt.  I thought Ellie was well used in this episode and, although she didn’t have many lines, she summed it all up when she did.

Some questions prior to the finale:

-       What does Sarah shooting Eve mean?  Was Eve a double agent and if not, why was she ordered to be killed?

-       Which path will Shaw choose?  He can either go the crazy path or realize no one is at fault and surrender his revenge. 

-       Will Casey continue to be a civilian or will we see him reinstated by the finale?

-       Can we see the budget cuts?  In a review by Alan Sepinwall* he suggests that the show is on a smaller scale due to the cuts and we are seeing the effects.  In “Colonel” we had a big explosion and the fight scenes were bigger and grander.  Although there have been some decent fight scenes this season, they seem few and far between.  Fulcrum seemed more fearsome than the Ring and perhaps this is part of the reason why.  Even the Ring leader, and yes I’m calling him that because the Ring seems like a circus, didn’t seem fearsome enough (though I do love Mark Sheppard from BSG – though I miss the shades). 
*If you haven’t read the review I highly recommend you do so.  I think he brings up excellent points and says things better than I ever could.  http://sepinwall.blogspot.com

- So what did you all think of the episode?
Rules of commenting:
1. Be Nice! (though I can take the heat)
2. No crashing through restaurant glass windows.


  1. Love d the review Em!


    *Crashes through restaurant window*
    Did somebody order drive thru?

  2. It seems the whole thing keeping Sarah from being with Chuck was that she thought he killed someone, which would mean he had changed from the guy she knew. What are the odds next week (3.13) that he does indeed kill someone- Shaw. I'm guessing Chuck hunts for Sarah and finds them right as Shaw is trying to kill her and he kills Shaw. Just my guess/ dream. Because I know we all love Shaw right?

  3. Thanks Mick and love the quote :)

    Matt - I guess we'll have to wait and see but I don't think you're the only one dreaming for that to happen.

  4. Pretty much completely agree with your points, except the hypocrite part. I'm not sure I can put forth a convincing, but I think that's a bit harsh. She did a great job of compartmentalizing for two years, but Chuck smashed that, with both positive and negative effects. We've seen Sarah become a "real girl," but she's also struggled to put the pieces back together (emotionally, and physically in fights). Because of that she can't yet compartmentalize Chuck and his role, nor can she get over the emotional pain she has undergone, and is sure Chuck will now go through. Do I agree with her conclusions? No. But it makes sense...and it takes something traumatic to get past it, which is why I think the moment she saw Chuck carrying Shaw, she was Chuck's once again. She doesn't smile like that for anyone.

    I also liked the tossing the gun on the bed. It reminded me of First Date. And, the end scene with Shaw reminded me of the end of Fat Lady. Just needed a Frightened Rabbit song playing.

    Good questions about Eve. I'm not quite sure what to make of this situation. I will add another question, though...was the bracelet we saw her drop last week THE BRACELET? And if so, what does that mean? It could possibly mean Eve was working for the Ring, and the Ring is also tied to Mama B's leaving/disappearance. There's a lot of ways this could play out.

    Shaw? I'm not sure he has a choice...I think he's crazy, or focused with a one-track thought/obsession depending on how you want to view it. And, I think Chuck has to kill him to save Sarah.

  5. Oops, a couple of missing words in my comment.
    1. "a convincing argument"
    2. "She doesn't smile like that for just anyone."

  6. Great points Andrew and that is why only of a bit of me rolled my eyes when Sarah told Chuck why she couldn't be with him. In the end, I know she has backwards logic and that is how she felt.

    We'll see if the bracelet comes up again and I really do hope so and I guess we just have to see what they do. At the very least I think they need to explain why Eve was killed.