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Monday, March 22, 2010

SPOILER Watch: Say What!?


As evident by the title I’m going to discuss and theorize about recent spoilers.  If you are avoiding spoilers, spoiler free, or just hate theorizing then stop reading.  If you want to hear a Ho’s thoughts on some recent teases and reveals then read on…

Final warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.  If you still continue and then are upset later then you really have no one to blame but yourself.  You’ve been warned.

Filming has finally ended and the finale of the back 6 episodes has been shot.  Slowly we are getting bits and pieces of what the 2-hour finale May 24th may hold for us.  Today Ausiello teased that in the 2-parter we’ll see:

… at least one significant death, a childhood flashback with Chuck (Zachary Levi), Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), and Pops Bartwoski (Scott Bakula), and “two big game-changing twists”

Later on I can theorize about the twists but right now I want to focus on the “significant death” part.  In my mind there are only two choices:  General Beckman and Stephen Bartowski.  At this point Shaw is already off the show (though that is up for debate for some people) so I’m not counting him as a possibility.  I do not think they’d kill off any of the Buy More staff, as they are too much a staple of the show.  Ellie, Awesome and Morgan seem out too because I believe their deaths would be way too heavy for “Chuck.”  I mean the show can get dark but not that dark in my opinion.  Also our three leads Chuck, Sarah and Casey are untouchable because without one of them the main dynamic of the show would fall apart (and can you really kill Chuck off his own show!?).   Therefore, as I said before there seems to be only two choices.  Here is the situation as I see it:

General Beckman:  I really like the General and I feel like even though she isn’t a major role in the show she adds a vital part.  Her stern, no-joke behavior can often create funny responses and scenes.  Also I think Team B needs a leader.  Plus, who doesn’t love Bonita?

Defense:  As stated I think the General is needed for the Team B dynamic.  I like hearing what the General has to say and more so her outsider view of the dynamics of her best spy team.   Also didn’t we already have one of the leaders die, do we really need to go down this path again?

Prosecution:  Well the General dying would be a significant death.  I firmly believe that Beckman is one of the only characters whose death would be significant enough without changing the whole foundations for the show or angering the fan base.  Her death would, however, cause a shake up in how the team runs their operations so that could be one of the major twists.  Also as much as I hate to say this, if more budget cuts are needed to make a Season 4 possible I feel like Beckman would be the one to go.  Although she adds to the story she isn’t necessary, and perhaps there just isn’t the room to include her in another season.

Papa Bartowski: Who doesn’t love Papa B?  I mean yes he left his kids but he is Chuck’s dad and Orion all in one!  I admit I love seeing the Bartowski family together and think the possibilities with Papa B are endless as his both part of Chuck’s own world and the spy world.

Defense:  He is Chuck’s dad!  Isn’t that enough?  No, okay then how about the fact that he has the most ties other than Chuck to the Intersect.   Still not convinced, how about the fact that the “Orion” arc had some of the greatest Chuck episodes to date.  If those aren’t enough reasons then I don’t know what are. 

Prosecution:  Per previous spoilers we know that Scott Bakula is returning to reprise his role as Chuck’s dad, and yes they could be cruel enough to bring him back just to kill him off.  Let’s face it; despite Papa B’s greatness the show obviously doesn’t need the dad to make it the show we love.  His death could cause a major change as well in terms of moving the show’s direction in a certain way and being a catalyst for change. 

UPDATE: Here is a new spoiler from Kristin at E!

Eric in Van Nuys, Calif.: Awesome Chuck scoop and photos! I’m digging the way it’s heading. Anything more you can share from set? Like who is dying?!  
Just that Brandon Routh is a modern marvel of architecture…Really not horrible at all on the eyes. And Yvonne and Adam were shooting some crazy and very hushed scene with a lot of whispering. They seemed to be back in cahoots, but it was hard to tell. Also, there’s a deeply emotional loss coming up for Chuck.
I'm thinking this means a point for Papa B... not that Fernando wouldn't be a heavy loss...

So there you have it?  What do you think of the two most likely choices or do you think there is another possibility?  Who would you choose to go?  Share your thoughts below:

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  1. I think they are going to kill Papa B. Which makes me sad because WHO DOESN'T LOVE PAPA B!?!?!? :'( -@reesespuff27

  2. I believe they're going to kill off Fernando. Jesse Heiman's facebook said on his facebook today, "buy more blues are kicking in" and I don't think he's saying this just because filming is over.

    R.I.P. Fernando

  3. I have been saying all season...Beckman is gone and new leader...Casey will somehow become the new leader. Possibly Big Mike is also Gone and the BM mangers office is now Casey's (this whole firing thing could be a NSA setup).

  4. My mom made carrot cake cupcakes tonight. I just whipped one at my computer! (gol).

  5. Who said the death had to be in the present? If that dropped jewelry by Sarah's red test mark wasn't a coincidence, then my bet is there's a tie to Mama B in there. Maybe that's why she disappeared when Chuck was 10. She and Steve were a spy couple, she was killed in the line of duty, and Steve held on as long as he could but then left when he thought his kids were in danger. Mama B. was killed by the Ring, the bracelet ended up in Sarah's mark's possession, and was then returned to the family after Sarah killed her.

  6. Interesting theory Andrew and I'm hoping that the Red Test comes into play as I also think we saw it for a reason. I was debating on how it could be related to Mama B but your explanation seems to work.

  7. Yeah, for all the flak they get (some deservedly so) over Shaw, the writers are pretty sharp. Coincidence isn't a part of this show, though there's still holes in my theory regarding how the bracelet gets passed down.

    I don't know if any of y'all were Alias fans, but this bracelet thing is starting to remind me of Vaughn's watch.

  8. Did watch Alias but don't remember the watch... just remember how weird the show got.

  9. Here's where the watch was introduced:

    And it pops up after that. In season 3 Lauren fixes it...a big no-no...and I think there's more stuff with it later on since Vaughn's dad was a Rambaldi follower, but I'm fuzzy as it's been a while since I watched.