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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Iron Chuck 2nd Edition - The DeMorgan vs Tiger Cake

Two brave souls have finally taken the Iron Chuck challenge! Team The DeMorgan (Amy and Art, the Challengers) battled against Team Tiger Cake (Sam and Jordan, the Hos) on Saturday.

This edition of Iron Chuck was pretty exciting, and the results were quite unexpected. The winners were behind by 8 points going into the third round, but they were able to gain the lead on the last round and beat the other team.

The winners scored a total of 21 points while the defeated team scored a total of 20 points. Who won? Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out.

Click here to listen to the Iron Chuck 2nd edition podcast.

If you think you're Chuck enough to take the Iron Chuck challenge or you just want to have a Chuck load of fun, shoot as an email at csohos@gmail.com or DM us in twitter (@CSoHos). Actual Iron Chuck dog tags (yes, not just virtual dog tags) would be awarded to the winners.

1.What is Lester’s last name?
2.In what episode does Chuck give Sarah the charm bracelet that his dad gave to his mom when Ellie was born?
Santa Claus
3.Name two businesses that are in the same shopping courtyard as the Buy More.
Underpants, Etc., Mighty Jocks, Large Mart, Orange Orange, Sbarros
4.In the Chuck opening credits, who is shown after Zachary Levi?
Yvonne Strahovski
5.What was Chuck studying at Stanford as in, what was his major?
Electrical Engineering
6.What is the name of the actor that plays the character of General Beckman?
Bonita Friedericy
7.Jeff’s dad used to throw these type of fruits at him.
8.In what episode does Jeff attempt to eat 90 twinkies in 3 minutes? (45 bags of twinkies in 3 minutes)
Chuck vs. the First Date
9.In Chuck vs. the Pink Slip, Chuck was being trained to become Intersect 2.0. In what city was the training facility?
Prague (Czech Rep)
10.In Chuck vs. the Ring, Chuck gives Casey a hug and announces, “See? Guys can hug.” What does Casey say after Chuck says this?
"Not if they don’t have their man parts.”

1.From Season 1, what book did Chuck still have from the Stanford library?
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
2.Name make/model and color of Sarah’s car when she was a high school student in San Diego, CA.
Yellow Volkswagen Rabbit
3.In Chuck vs. the Delorean, Jack Burton gave both Chuck and Casey nicknames. What were his nicknames for Chuck and Casey?
Chuck: Schnook Casey: Copface
4.Name three directors that have worked on Chuck.
McG, Robert Duncan McNeill, Jason Ensler, Allan Kroeker, David Solomon, Patrick Norris, Allison Liddi, Chris Fisher, Norman Buckley, Jay Chandrasekhar, Jeffrey Hunt, Jonas Pate, Ken Whittingham, Peter Lauer, Jeremiah Chechik, Kevin Bray…
5.In the opening scene of Chuck vs. the First Kill, we see Chuck at the Nerd Herd desk pondering about the fate of his father in the hands of Ted Roark. We then see Sarah walking up to him holding a cup of Orange Orange’s latest froyo flavor. Name the flavor.
Obama Guava
6.In what episode does Chuck tell Casey to “Unleash the Casey”?
Chuck vs. the Gravitron
7.In season 1, Sarah gave Chuck a fake picture of the both of them at Comic Con. In what episode does she give the picture and who were they dressed as?
Chuck vs. the Sandworm; Han Solo and Princess Leia
8.Name the people that were at the dinner table at the of end of Chuck vs. Operation Awesome
Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, Awesome, Ellie, Casey

1.In the pilot, Chuck receives an email from his old college roommate, Bryce Larkin. In order to receive the message, Chuck had to respond by typing what was in his “hero’s satchel” from the text-based video game, Zork . What did Chuck write as an answer to “the terrible troll raises his sword”?
Attack troll with nasty knife
2.Brandon Routh aka Daniel Shaw has been signed on to appear on a few episodes this season. Not counting this Monday’s upcoming episode (Chuck vs. the Final Exam), name all the episodes that he has appeared in thus far.
Operation Awesome, First Class, Mask, Fake Name, Beard
3.In Chuck vs. the Sandworm, which wire does Chuck cut to deactivate the bomb? Give the color.
4.In Chuck vs. the Delorean, we see a glimpse of the hotel that Sarah stays at. What is the name of her hotel?
Maison 23
5.In Chuck vs. the Gravitron, what message appeared on Jill’s phone that led Chuck to flash and find out that she was with Fulcrum?
“Have you heard from Uncle Tobias?” –Mom
6.In Nacho Sampler, Morgan talks to Jeff and Lester about laying off Hannah because he likes her. They both agree but under certain conditions. What was Jeff’s condition and what was Lester’s?
Jeff’s conditions: He sleeps over with Morgan and Chuck twice a week
Lester: next hire, he wants Morgan to find him a wife, a woman of color, preferably Padma Lakshmi

Congratulations to the winners of Iron Chuck 2nd Edition: Team DeMorgan - Amy and Art. You guys made an amazing comeback and you truly deserve the title, Iron Chucks!


  1. Hey Sam, what is the answer to that 3rd "Hard" question? :P

  2. will never do this. loads of fail up in here.