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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chuck vs. the Aisle of Terror: Thoughts from a Ho

Without a doubt highlight of this latest episode was definitely the return of Mama B.  Ever since that little preview we got at the start of the season I've been counting down the days until she appeared again.  We know Mama B is a badass but this episode gave us a little more insight to Mary Elizabeth Bartowski is while at the same time raising a lot more questions.

Question 1: How much does Mama B know?

We know Mama B knew about Chuck's search but the question remained how much more did she know?  This episode told us that while she knows all about the Intersect and Agent Carmichael, she doesn't seem to know any personal information about her children.  She didn't know who Sarah was so to me that means we can safely assume she hasn't been visually keeping tabs on her children.  But shouldn't she know who Carmichael's team is?  I suppose the real question I have is where she got her information.  Does she know Chuck is the Intersect through files?  Did Stephen tell her?  Does she even know that he's dead?  I hope the next episode addresses these questions.

Question 2:  Does Mama B care about the fact she left?

Linda Hamilton sold the line when she said she wished could do it over again she would and I believed her.  Sure she shot her son but it was for his own good!  The speech she gave to Chuck combined with the longing looks she had when she was spying on Ellie seemed to contract what she said about not wanting to know about her children's lives.  She wants to know, she just knows she shouldn't.  I think the Bartowski family wants a fresh start and I hope the get it... you know after Chuck breaks her out of the captivity his girlfriend put her in.

Question 3: Is Mama B part of the good guys?

Ahh the age old question.  She did come out of hiding to prevent nerve gas from hitting the market, so yes.  She shot her son.  Hmmm maybe not then.  But then she helped him out again.  So yes?

This episode did a great job of keeping the answer to this question grey.  No, she isn't like Papa B where we knew he was good the whole time.  In fact, it is obvious Mary is no saint but I don't think she has bad intentions either.  She may not be helping the CIA but I don't think she is hurting them either.  All she seems to want is her family to be safe, and in Chuck's world that is really all that matters.

Final Question:  Are you happy with the Mama B storyline?

I think it is safe to say that from the moment it was mentioned Chuck's mom left our minds have been churning and every possible scenario has been thought of.   So the question is, has it lived up to what you wanted?  Are you happy that Mama B is in the picture or would you have rather they left the story alone?

Some Additional Thoughts:

  • As strong as the Mama B stuff was in this episode, the rest of it seemed subpar.  Sure there were some moments but as usual the Buy More just wasn't as strong.
  • Did anyone know Devon's mom was going to be in the episode!?  I surely had no clue.  I think Morgan Fairchild was sort of under used but I've felt that way about a lot of the guests and stunt casting.  If only Chuck was a longer show....
  • Can Jeff get creepier?  I don't think so but I've thought that way too often before. 
  • Now that we've seen Chuck's mom, are we ever going to find out the story on Sarah's?  Man I hope so.
Next week it looks like our favorite couple hits a rocky patch seeing as Sarah sort of kidnapped Chuck's mom and accused her of being evil.  Hey, it happens.  I'm sure they'll kiss and make up... okay well that's at least what I want to see.  How about you?

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