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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ken-Mar Rescue Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Event

Here it is.

I finally finished processing the pictures from the Ken-Mar Rescue Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate event held last November 13, 2010. The fundraiser event was a blast! We got to drink wine and eat chocolates and cheese as much as we want. On top of that, we got to meet, talk and take pictures with Yvonne Strahovski, Julia Ling, and other celebrities. Silent auctions were held and lots of prizes were given out during the raffle.

Let's not forget the whole purpose of the event -- raise money for rescue dogs. Ken-Mar Rescue helps save stray, abandoned dogs and gives them the needed care. Ken-Mar rescue also finds homes for them. So how can you get involved in this 'caninitarian' mission? You can adopt dogs like what Yvonne did! Yvonne got her dog, Chazzie, from the Ken-Mar Rescue animal shelter. She mentioned in her speech that this coming holiday season, people are going to look at pets to give as presents. Instead of buying dogs, people should consider adopting them. You can also foster a dog like what some awesome Chuck fans I know did. Last but not the least, you can donate to Ken-Mar Rescue by sending money or by participating in Ken-Mar Rescue fundraisers like this WCC event and the tennis tournament held last July (Click here for other ways to help).

Congratulations to Ken-Mar Rescue for this successful event! And major props to Ken and Martie for establishing such a wonderful organization.


  1. Had so much fun hanging out with you guys Saturday

  2. Likewise! Although I wasn't able to hang out with that much..lol :p