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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Join the YvonneOnEllen Group on Facebook

Do you have a facebook account? Yes? Yeah? Ugh huh? Okay, good. That means you can join the YvonneOnEllen group! Like... now! That's if you haven't already. The name is self-explanatory-- no codes to crack here. Yvonne Strahovski should be on The Ellen Show because we all know what an amazing actress she is and her guesting on the show would be all kinds of awesome! They can talk about her Australian accent, her dance background, do some kung-fu fighting! Yeah!

Once you've joined, don't forget to post pictures and/or videos you may have of Yvonne. There's also a discussions page where you can post your thoughts on all Yvonne Strahovski/Sarah Walker related things.

And since you have a Facebook account, you most likely have a Twitter one too. If you're on there, please feel free to tweet @theellenshow your thoughts on why Yvonne would make a great guest on her show. Don't forget to hashtag! #YvonneOnEllen

In Chuck Spirit and Pride,

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